Spanish Landscape

Spanish Landscape oil painting on canvas is part of my art work created in expressive style.

Spanish Landscape

The colors are bright, powerful, bush movement is strong, with vigorous strokes, wide, free, furious.

The painting expresses the passion.

The motif or a theme is a view from the terrace or plateau in front of the Benedictine Monk retreat at Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain. The painting is based on a photo which had been taken when I was visiting the monastery as a tourist.

The view from the plateau was magnificent and powerful. I could see the mountains’ tops in distance; I suppose they were hundreds of kilometers away. Then, there were rivers, roads, forests, meadows, villages, towns, sky, clouds. The perspective was absolutely astonishing. I was deeply moved by this passionate and dramatic scenery. It was absolutely amazing.

The impression of the landscape was captured on my camera and it was used as a reminder for me while creating the painting. It was not my intention to simply illustrate the scenery from the photos on my painting. It was only the initial impulse to re-create my vision of this scene.

It is more accurate if I say that the painting represents my inner landscape which overlaps the landscape view from the monastery. Or, maybe it overlaps some of my distant and deeply buried ancient memories from the monastery triggered by my touristic visit?

Spanish Landscape by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Oil on Canvas, 1991, 60/90 cm

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One way or another, my internal landscape is equally real and my painting is about real thing – which existed in my imagination, of course. This “thing” exists in my heart and in my mind. My inner landscape is in fact about the passion. This passion includes my adoration to colors, nature, and the whole world.

Obviously, the painting is visible manifestation or presentation of passion. How extraordinary it is to be able to enjoy playing with the creation? I am totally immersed in passion, so passionate and eager to create and re-create and manifest that feeling.

It feels so natural to associate the passion with such an amazing country like Spain. I am so happy that I have visited this country. I have wonderful memories about it. I have visited Catalonia and stayed in Barcelona. I had an opportunity to see the masterpieces by Picasso, Dali, Gaudi, Miro…my visit to Spain is one of my most precious memories and impressions. I was happy to channelize those feelings and create my Spanish Landscape.

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