It is Absolutely Marvelous to Enjoy
Art Work!

The picture is worth a thousand words. Still, it is not always enough just to look at the picture, and completely comprehend what an artist really wanted to share with the world.

Do you choose to become an art patron, with ease, and donate money to make my artistic practice develop and expand? 

Sometimes it’s not possible to ask what an art piece is really about, to check if there is something more behind the scene.

Maybe I can try to unveil some mysteries because it’s so easy to fully enjoy art…

Why is art so special for me?

I share the truth through my art… I feel that love, joy, optimism are my truth.

Naturally, visual art is my medium to express deepest emotions and thoughts.

For me, to create art feels so spontaneous, effortless, like breathing, meditation, or bliss. I enormously enjoy creating art.

Art is my playground. Art IS a delightful playground. Art is such fun!

I like to be free as a child, so I use motifs and techniques from cartoons or from computer games.

I think that patchy motifs are beautiful and fun, so I use them as well.

I like to dive deep into the energy of pure colors.

I usually don’t literally describe some scene that I observe or imagine. That is, I use non-linear and non-narrative approach.

I create or re-create something which I see as a potential, idea, feeling, a flow of energy.

I use various artistic methods and techniques to express those ideas.

My art work includes paintings, drawings, installations, ambiance, digital art, digital prints, net art…

This is how I expose the truth.

This is my artistic statement, my signature.

I think that it is a good choice to enjoy every moment and play, despite the circumstances.

It is absolutely marvelous to enjoy and love as many things as you can, and especially art!

I’d be happy to guide you through my art and share the beauty, joy, and love which art radiates!

If you maybe like to find more about my artworks, my biography or other things about my art, you are welcome to follow the links which lead to more specific topics…