Rose Petals One

More about Rose Petals One…Two…etc…

The acrylic painting ROSE PETALS ONE (and also TWO, THREE…) or CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT ONE is part of a complex art work which name is CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT DISPOSITION OF FLUORESCENT PINK ROSE PETALS IN SPACE. This work exists in a form of drawings, ambiance, artistic installation, digital print, net art, computer animations and video.

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Rose Petals Exhibition

Rose Petals Exhibition (or Crucially Important Disposition of Fluorescent Pink Rose Petals in Time and Space) is the latest phase of my installation artwork or ambiance artwork, a part of a broader project.  The exhibition is going to be presented at the ULUS Gallery, 37 Knez Mihajlova Street, Belgrade, Serbia, from 07/31-08/13/2013.

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