Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage is oil painting created on cardboard. The size of the painting is somewhat between medium and large. The technique is traditional, used alongside with new media art techniques in my art work.

Hydro Massage

The painting is created in expressive style. The characteristics of this style are free and joyous brush strokes, bright and intensive colors, powerful and rapid painting process.

The theme of the painting is a female figure. In fact the figure is my dear friend and colleague Tatjana Sasic. Obviously we were enjoying some spa treatments. This motif was fun and I was happy to use it as a theme for my painting.

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There are several watercolor paintings and drawings, and even one fresco painting  I created before creating the paintings from this series.

Hydro Massage – Water Element

I will not elaborate about the painting and its elements, like composition, energies, colors, rhythm, etc.

I will mention again the water as an element that I often find very inspiring. There are many paintings and drawings that I created inspired by the element of water, its color, for example. There are some other aspects of the element of water that I also find fascinating. Water is a carrier of information. For example if you compare the crystals of water before and after a prayer and warm words are told to them, you can see the difference. You can witness that water crystals structure is improved and more harmonious and beautiful. They really understand, enjoy and appreciate when people express their love to them.

I have so many artworks dedicated to water. I am happy to express my love to this element in this way.

This painting is about specific kind of water – water in a tub which is pleasantly warm. It is easy to imagine the feeling of safety and relaxation while watching the painting. In fact, the massage in warm water is one of my paradigms for relaxation.

The painting is my way to express how important is this feeling – the feeling of relaxation. And one of the best activities I can imagine to illustrate this feeling is enjoying the hydro massage.

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