Red Rose

Red Rose is created on natron paper in oils, as a part of my art work created in traditional art techniques. The size of the painting is large.

Red Rose

The painting is created in expressive style. While creating in this style I had an opportunity to enjoy furious rapid painting process, using bright and pure, intensive colors and shades.

This painting was a good way for me to express my fascination with the object which inspired me and its color. My genuine inspiration for this artwork is my fascination with colors and my adoration is evident.

Clearly, I was mesmerized by colors.

But, I was also highly motivated by other factors. It was challenging for me to create an expressive style painting by using restrictive palette which consisted of not so many colors, but only to concentrate on color shades, instead. This is a kind of tonal painting.

Tonal painting is the procedure where artist uses several tones or shades of the same color, not various colors or hues. I tried to incorporate this method in my creation of magnificent rose on my painting.

It was interesting for me to channelize and sublimate all my expressive energy and expressive style into a different artistic method. Why would I want to do that? It was not a rational intention. I felt that the change was on its way and I just followed my heart.

Red Rose by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
SOLD! Oil on Natron Paper, 1991, 170/130 cm

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Anyway, this painting is a border line which stands between my expressive creation process and the following postmodernist art or postmodernism style.

The simplification and the purification of colors, textures and entire artistic method is evident.

The format of the painting which is pretty large, allowed me to enjoy a mixture of elements and procedures of both styles: expressive and postmodernist art or postmodernism. While executing one style, a glimpse of a new one appeared and manifested and it was a pure pleasure for me to create the painting about the red rose.

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