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There is my art for sale  that is now available, like oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors, drawings, art prints, and other artworks. If you liked my art maybe you have wondered if there are any artworks that are maybe available for sale. Yes, there are some of my artworks that can be bought. Here you can find all necessary guidance and instructions of the process of purchasing my artworks. I think that it is essential that you feel safe and secure every step in the process of considering buying my artwork.

Art is Wise Investment

If you think of buying an artwork, there are some things to be mentioned. Paintings, watercolors, drawings, art prints, and other pieces of art are the only items on the planet which value and price will increase. Time is their friend. Everything else will suffer from aging process.

The works of art seams like they have a special arrangement with time. They gain more worth and significance as time passes by. So, it is obvious that art is wise long-term investment.

Art is so much more then just wise investment. An artwork is countless times more important because this is something that you love. The beauty and energy of art radiates more and more every day. Yes, it is so marvelous to enjoy artworks.

Original Art for Sale

There are some of my original artworks that are for sale, like:

oil and acrylic paintings (information) and images at paintings gallery




digital prints

art and sport

-other art works

And so on…

This is art  that is already created.

But, there is an option to purchase custom art…

Purchase New Original Artwork

You can purchase new artwork to be created for you, like portrait, landscape, still life or some other theme that you like.

You can purchase unframed or framed artworks.

Affordable Art

Sometimes I offer special discounts, check it at affordable art section.

Also, click on the following links to see special discounts like: Valentine’s Day Special Discount

Other Forms of Art

It is true that original artwork is usually very expensive.

There are many other possibilities which are more affordable.

There are other forms of art for sale, like art posters or signed prints of various sizes. Prints are done on high quality paper or on canvas. They can be signed reproductions of some other artwork, like painting, drawing, watercolor etc.


can be also used for marketing, for example for calendars, t-shirts, phone cases, bags, pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, greeting cards and so on.

It is also possible to purchase art illustrations, computer art animations, art design, art ambiences etc.

So, the number of possibilities to enjoy artwork is limitless 🙂

Feel Free to Ask 🙂

If you want to know more details about buying my artworks, or more details about purchasing, delivering or returning policy, etc. please feel absolutely free to contact me about art for sale and ask anything you like. I will answer as soon as possible and give you all necessary information.

3 Replies to “Art for Sale”

  1. I love drawing as an artistic technique. It is the purest, genuine way of expression. A gesture of a caveman creating his DRAWING on the cave wall was really the humanity initiation to the painting. Ever since, everybody who makes his very first step in the field of visual art has to begin with drawing.

    Besides precise and saturated drawings that I love, I also love croquis because the painter just indicates a theme or a motif. There is a lot of free space on croquis, like “air”, then softness and optimism, too.

    I love the drawings like the one by Aleksandra. It is powerful and dark, the figure remained as it is, just as an announcement of a figure. It allows the observer to continue inquiry and discover what kind of person “inhabits” the figure; if the person’s nature is calm and quiet, as the movement and the posture of the figure suggests. Or, maybe the dark and strong lines disguise the dynamics that is going to explode soon. I prefer when the painting is not offering all information and allows me to interpret and experience it in a harmony with my point of view towards the world.

    Ljubomir Skoric, Belgrade, Serbia


    I agree that croquis are wonderful way of artistic expression. I love to express my thoughts, feelings and attitudes instantly, without delay. And rapid drawing is excellent way for almost instant manifestation of my inner world. When I create a drawing of a figure, I express my observation of a model and my beliefs about the world, and also my own nature.

    On this drawing the model is calm and peaceful person, but the dynamism of the lines expresses a part of my nature. Every artwork is an expression of an author, it is author’s creation. But, everything we observe is totally our creation and interpretation; artists only highlight this as evidence.

  2. People usually bring suitcase and umbrella when going on their trip. But, when I begun my significant trip on September 2007, I had to make sure not to forget to bring love, faith, hope, books, paintings and memories with me…

    Two paintings by Aleksandra Vasovic had been packed for leaving Belgrade, Serbia and accompany me on my journey all around the world. First, they had arrived at
    Toronto, Canada, white and covered by snow. After a while, they traveled with me all the way to sunny Saudi Arabia, to industrial city Jubail. Now, they reside in Khobar, at our home.

    Aleksandra used two styles to explore the motif of water on her paintings, abstract and realistic. She also used two artistic techniques, one is oil painting, and another one is pastel.

    For me, water means life. The theme of one painting is sea, and the theme of another one is river. The image of a sea always recalls memories on my careless and happy childhood and youth. Flowing river is a witness of life that passes by, sometimes turbulent and spry, sometimes peaceful and lazy.

    “Sea” painting is hung in our bedroom, and the “river” painting in our living room, with other paintings, mostly by Arabian painters. Together they create beautiful ambience which we really enjoy.

    Marina Bulatovic, PR Consultant and Journalist

    Aleksandra wrote:

    Thank you, Marina. It is so exciting to know that “sea” and “river” paintings are such a globetrotters. It feels like I had also traveled around the world with you and the artworks I created. This is lovely idea.

    I agree with you that the water means life, and there are numerous scientific, philosophical, spiritual and metaphysical testimonies which share the same attitude.

  3. It is easy to tell my art for sale testimonial. Looking at Alexandra’s picture, we can definitely feel strong and pleasant inner vibrations. The spreading warmth that takes you back to your childhood and you can feel safe.

    Of course, Mickey Mouse is a synonym for childhood, safety, reading comics and watching cartoons.

    But, according to the way Mickey has an affect on us, we can see that Mickey doesn’t belong only to kids. Or let’s say, it’s better than that, we can realize that we are still kids and that “being a child” is a state of spirit, not date of birth.

    Aleksandra convincingly reminds and encourages us to enjoy Mickey even though we are adults.

    Having this, like a colorful picture on the wall, is like a secret sign, like slang, like same sense of humor, like ” our” music, movies and books, like the same experience from the past that makes us recognize each other and feel comfortable and safe when we are together.
    Dogtooth pattern (or “pepito” in Serbian) is always modern, again and again….

    “Pepito” in all this colors is miraculous. It brings about optimism. “Pepito” reminds us of past times, too. It’s leading us in seventies and eighties, to Disco and New Wave.

    But….”pepito” is timeless.

    All together, as a package, that calls you to get involved in adventure.
    Encouraging us not to give up things that make us happy and supporting child within us.

    I agree that part of it should have been kept to ourselves.

    Little part of the best from our lives, kept on the canvas with painting color and brush.

    So fancy. Retro and extravagant, in the same time. Familiar, with extravagance.

    Katarina Smiljković Radovanović
    Aleksandra’s sister
    Aleksandra, sister, answered:

    Thank you, it’s wonderful testimony! You are right, why give up being free as a child…

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