Red Camera

Red Camera is pretty small oil on canvas painting. This piece is created in traditional art technique which is a segment of my art work. I use traditional media alongside new media art techniques.

Red Camera

The painting was created while I was in my artistic postmodernist art or postmodernism phase. There are some characteristics of my artistic expression in this style, such as some cartoon-like elements, like clouds, fonts or text messages, then bright and pure colors etc.

There was a drawing with the theme about camera that anticipated this painting.

The camera is an artistic motif inspiring for me because I have always been intrigued how various media can influence and affect each other. There are several types of cameras, like film camera, digital camera, electronic camera etc…they all capture visual reality in motion.

Here on my painting visual motion pictures instrument is captured as a still image. The symbol of camera is even more highlighted because it is painted in pure bright cadmium red color. This is my favorite shade of red.

It is noticeable that there was some internal impulse that made me glorify the camera and its connotations and symbolism.

Should I make a video artwork using red camera to enhance my glorification and point out the significance of the motion visual media?

I am sure not. There is a huge distinction between the creations of art that indicate the ideas and the ones which literarily and blindly try just to describe something.

Red Camera by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Red Camera, Oil Painting, 1995, 30/40 cm

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Again I repeat that the most important segment of art work is one that is beyond senses. It occurs in heart and mind of the observer or consumer of the art lover.

If the artist over delivers the artistic message it completely destroys artistic process and creation.

So, instead of preparing some monotonous video art to further unnecessarily describe my idea and camouflaging and polluting its essence, I leave all just as it is now.

Except for the energy of motion that was once again my artistic inspiration, there are some text messages present. It is Serbian Cyrillic transcript of some English, or more accurate, some international common and benign curses. I feel there is no need to further elaborate this topic, and spoil the non-materialistic aspect of the painting Red Camera.

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