Garden Pavillion

Garden Pavillion is created as oil on canvas painting, in traditional art technique, as a segment of my art work.

Garden Pavillion

The artwork is created in postmodernist art or postmodernism with all the typical elements like: pure bright colors, symbols, decorative dog-tooth pattern…

The theme of the artwork is a pavilion captured during a bright delightful sunny day.

The painting is created based on some photography from the magazine. The photo presents scenes from the magnificent park situated around the countryside villa somewhere in France.

I expect the most of the people have a strong desire to teleport themselves directly to this garden of the luxury French villa. I am not different then anybody else. I also bear a vivid impression in my mind of the villa, its garden, and its romantic pavilion.

I can still enjoy the pleasant vibrations and delight of the sunny day, hear the birds singing, and smell the flowers. Of course, this is entirely in my imagination and initialized just by this photo from the magazine.

Garden Pavillion by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Garden Pavillion, 2007, 20/25 cm

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I am again drawn in those pleasant feelings just because I am writing about them. Can you imagine my excitement and need to create a painting about this scene? The size of a painting is small, just like a bottle of an expensive French fragrance. And a smell of a perfume is very easily associated to the image of those beautiful pavilions.

This is not the only pavilion that I have had in my mind while creating the painting.

King's Pavillion aleksandraartworkcom
King’s Pavillion “Golden Hill” villa of the former Serbian king Aleksandar Obrenovic


Another one is in Serbia, and I had actually visited it in person.

This pavilion was in the garden of a magnificent “Golden Hill” villa of the former Serbian king Aleksandar Obrenovic in Smederevo. It was his summer residence near the river Danube. It has a fantastic view at the river from its windows and huge terraces. The pavilion is unbelievably cute and romantic. Back then when I was there it was all wreathed with light pink roses. More about it is coming soon when I create another painting about the king’s pavilion.

But, let’s not abandon the French pavilion and my painting about it.

It is pointless to bother the reader by describing the painting. I hope that I can transmit my strong impression about the object of my painting and the visual elements of the painting, like colors and light, for instance. The motif from the real life, an object of art of architecture was transformed into another art object: photography. Then it was transformed again into another object of art which added another connotation to the significance of a symbol and so beautiful object, a garden pavillion.

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