Original Paintings

Page about my original paintings that are available for sale tells about artworks from my various artistic phases. Paintings were created in oil or acrylic on canvas technique.


Paintings were created during the following artistic phases: expressive, then, from expressive to postmodernist art or postmodernism phase, and finally, during postmodernist art or postmodernism phase.

Inspiration and image gallery (original paintings)

Usually there is a story associated with paintings. You can read the stories about my inspiration and other interesting things. It is not always easy to guess what the initial impulse for creating an artwork was and discovering it can be surprising and funny. Art lovers who own my paintings are connected to them and they can feel what inspired me. Artworks that reside at somebody’s home or workplace can be very inspiring for people who live or work in those ambiances. They are not just ordinary objects; they are much more then that, because they become objects of love and joy. See what art lovers have said.

If you’d like to see the paintings, and read the stories, there is another webpage created for that purpose. There is an paintings gallery with links to specific pages with stories about those artworks.


Almost all artworks were created on canvas. They were painted on canvas mounted on wooden canvas stretcher frames with canvas stretcher bars and corner wedges keys for tightening corner keys. The keys are used on the back corners of frames. Paintings are delivered with their original canvas stretcher frames. They are not decorative framed. More about decorative framing you can see here.

Alternative solution

As you know, original artworks can be very expensive. But, there is an alternative solution: art reproductions signed by author.

Ask me

You are welcome to ask me all you want to know about prices, also what gallery is representing me for selling my paintings…I can tell you information about customs expenses, transportation and returning policy and so on in case you plan to purchase my original paintings.

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