Clouds Painting

Clouds painting is a segment of my art work which is created in traditional art technique – oil painting. Beside traditional techniques, I use other techniques, like new media art techniques. Some of them belong to the field of digital art etc.

Clouds Painting

The painting is not created on canvas, which is a typical art material that I use when creating oil paintings. Instead, it was created on a piece of cardboard panel. The reason for this somewhat unusual solution and selection of art material is entirely artistic and not practical. This means that it was not a rational decision to choose the cardboard for its specific characteristics to create an oil painting. The reason was very simple and in accordance with my artistic logic.

I selected the cardboard for creating my artwork because it was the only art material available at that moment ready to be used for the painting process. Canvas and other material used for oil painting needs to be prepared and coated with gesso before painting. There were no prepared canvases at my atelier then and I wanted to create without delaying the creative impulse. It was urgent for me to create urgently, ala prima, at once. And the creation of the painting also didn’t take much time. It was created quickly, almost like a croquis.

Clouds by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Clouds, 1993, oil on cardboard, 80/65 cm

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There is no need to describe the theme of the painting. But there is a hint for the percipients or watchers. One of the ideas which are contained at the painting is that the painting belongs to a group of my artistic creations which are using the connotation and symbolism of layers, or curtains.

Also, there are some textual messages visible. Text is written in Serbian Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. Text is about the most popular Serbian curse. It is up to the observer of the painting to decide if it was artistic anecdote, artistic statement, artistic manifesto, or something else.

The paintings is part of a group of paintings from my intermediate phase which stands between the expressive and postmodernist art or postmodernism style. In this period there are some visual elements which remained as they are in the previous expressive style, like expressive brush strokes. And there are some elements which belong to new postmodernist art or postmodernism style, like repetitive dog-tooth pattern, textual messages, and cartoonish overall look. Of course there is evidently carefully arranged and structured repetitive matrix of clouds present on my Clouds Painting.

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