Dance Painting

I painted DANCE PAINTING (full title: MY MOTHER IS DANCING) during my expressive art period. It is an oil painting. The theme is my mother.

Dance Painting

I got an inspiration when I stumbled on old photography of my mother. The photo was small, black and white, and my mother was on that photo. She was still in high school at that time, 1950’s. The scene and the atmosphere on the photo reminded me on some French or Italian film from that period.

Dancing Photo by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom all rights reserved
My Mother is Dancing Photo aleksandraartworkcom all rights reserved


It was summer holiday, my mother was somewhere in the beautiful Serbian countryside. It was bright and sunny day, everything looked as the essence of bliss and joy. She was obviously very happy and relaxed. She was captured on the picture while dancing, with her hands full of bouquets of meadow flowers. It was easy to recall their ambrosial fragrance.

The scene at the picture was vibrating with expansive energy of blossoming nature, youth, life, beauty.

The picture was black and white, but it was easy to imagine the colorful palette.


My Mother is Dancing by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
MY MOTHER IS DANCING, oil on canvas, 1991, 90/140 cm, private collection

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I was fascinated with this powerful energy. The joy and perfect state of existence was captivating. Everybody should be in this blissful state all the time.

I wanted to multiply my impressions and make a painting based on this picture. I tried to re-create all that magnificent energy and combine it with magnificent energy of a painting. The process of creating a painting has its own extremely powerful energy. A peace of canvas, and paints and brushes are transposed into completely new value.

On my painting, there is a new interpretation of the original energy from the picture. All textures are animated, colors are bright and intensive. Everything is vibrating, including composition, linear elements, space.

Precious energies from the scene from the private photograph have specific meaning and value. And now they are transformed and reinterpreted on MY MOTHER IS DANCING or DANCE PAINTING.

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