Unique World of Art by Aleksandra

Reflection of Golden Room Painting by Aleksandra Vasovic

Welcome to the creative and wonderful world of art, that is presented in a classical way – but also through the modern-day technology.  Aleksandra is the artist with a long time experience,  she had many exhibitions in her homeland Serbia, but also in other foreign countries like France, Japan, the USA, Turkey, Venezuela. Her special approach to art is different and refreshing – presented through her paintings and digital art, as well.  Experience the special and wonderful work by Aleksandra. Enjoy the true expression of art!

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Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings are significant part of my art work. Some are created in oil on canvas artistic technique and some are created as acrylics on canvas. I also love to explore this amazing motif in some other techniques, like watercolor, drawings. I got some very interesting results when I implemented this motif to my miniature art and miniature object.

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Decorative Frame

Often a decorative frame can be additional element that gives a final touch to complete impression of an artwork, painting etc. Some paintings can exist completely independently without decorative framing. It can be a disadvantage sometimes. But, wise framing can emphasize sense of extravagance and refinement of a painting and other kinds of artworks. If the right kind of frame is chosen, it becomes an element of a painting that boosts the visual impression of an artwork.

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Art and Sport

Art and sport connectivity is sometimes a theme of my artwork.

More precisely, the connection between art and sports is something that enriches my art. But sport is also an important element of my life.

I am note merely a sport fun that enjoys watching sports events. I also like to be active, to be engaged in sports, yoga or martial arts.

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Art Reproductions

I think that art reproductions on paper or canvas originally signed by author are very good option if you’d like to have an artwork that is of a high quality, and still don’t need to invest a large amount of money. All prints are originally signed and so they are different then art posters. Price is upon request.

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Art for Sale

There is my art for sale  that is now available, like oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors, drawings, art prints, and other artworks. If you liked my art maybe you have wondered if there are any artworks that are maybe available for sale. Yes, there are some of my artworks that can be bought. Here you can find all necessary guidance and instructions of the process of purchasing my artworks. I think that it is essential that you feel safe and secure every step in the process of considering buying my artwork.

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