Outstanding Valentine Gifts

Looking for the outstanding Valentine gifts? Look no further 😉

Love is in the Air!
Look No Further!

Seriously, if you are planning to express your love to a special someone in sophisticated and classy style, I would wholeheartedly recommend purchasing an artwork.

Love, Love, Love is in the Air,
Dear Art Lovers

Apparently, there are several categories of love, lovers and romantic relationships, beside those we are all familiar with and are already wide known as romantic love.

For this story, there are some of them that will be mentioned here.

The Ultimate Love Relationship

Of course, this is a love towards yourself.

You need to completely love, accept, forgive, and admire yourself 100%, to be capable to love anybody or anything else. But there is a catch… you need to be aware of this what I just said all the time, and then you will witness your own evolution, growth and internal revolution.  By the way, as Venus in Aquarius, I am familiar with everything related to Love.

Perfect Gifts for Lovers

If you are deeply and totally in love with yourself, you are consequently in love with another special significant human being, or beings, and of course with the entire World and Universe.  You would love to give a very special gift to those you love, especially for the Valentine’s Day.

Perfect Gifts for Art Lovers

If you are a genuine art lover, and obviously you are, you would definitely love to give yourself the artwork you would love and enjoy and which will make your heart melt even more.

Crucially Important Disposition of Hearts in Time and Space watercolor painting, 2015, 42×29,7 cm, unframed

Artworks are Perfect and Outstanding Valentine Gifts

If you love Art, of you love Yourself, if you love Your Sweetheart or So Called Soulmate, or Soulmates, then you should give something really special to Your True Lover, as listed!

Artwork is a perfect gift, because it is unique, classy, refined.

From me to You Always and
Especially for Valentine ’s Day

I am always absolutely and totally in love with art lovers, and especially with those who are in love with my art, logically.

This is why I am offering a discount for some of my artworks.

If you would like to catch the discount, these are the steps:

–          Go check my online catalogs

–          Pick artwork you like

–          Contact me and ask for the price

Links for my virtual catalogs are here:


watercolor paintings


Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the artwork for affordable price…I appreciate this, I myself love discounts. 

Discounts are frequently offered here:

Ask Me about Prices and Details.

Please, use the contact form for purchasing and for any other important info regarding this process.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Art Lovers&Lovers, I wish you happy Valentine’s day, and, of course a bunch of outstanding Valentine gifts.

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