Decorative Frame

Often a decorative frame can be additional element that gives a final touch to complete impression of an artwork, painting etc. Some paintings can exist completely independently without decorative framing. It can be a disadvantage sometimes. But, wise framing can emphasize sense of extravagance and refinement of a painting and other kinds of artworks. If the right kind of frame is chosen, it becomes an element of a painting that boosts the visual impression of an artwork.

There are several factors that are important when considering decorative framing.

First, you should decide by yourself or ask author or some art expert if the painting will preserve its harmony when the frame is added.

If the painting or artwork is of a type that can co-exist well with a frame, then there are other things to be examined.

For example, is there some specific  frame that you like? Does it match the style of a painting and its colors, motif and style?

For modern or abstract paintings usually modern types of frames are a harmonious match. But, it is not a rule, because sometimes a mixture of a modern painting with an antique frame can produce classy and extraordinary result. A number of times I am very pleasantly surprised to see some frames and paintings combined. It is very exciting for me and it makes me fall in love with a painting again.

I am not the one that is exclusively in charge of making a selection which frame is most adequate. Often professional framers amaze me with a proposition of frames for my paintings. Maybe the reason is that I see a painting as something borderless. Talented and sensitive framer has a feeling, a touch, how to pick a perfect frame to make a painting look even more impressive. I really enjoy this ritual of selecting which frame is ideal for specific painting.

About decorative frame…

I sell my paintings without decorative frame.

But, if you like to frame the painting, there are two solutions.

One is that you receive unframed painting and if you decide to frame it, you choose the frame you think will look great. Or, you can ask me if you are not sure, and I can help you make a decision.

Another solution is that you receive the painting already framed and the cost of decorative framing is added to the original price of painting. I would suggest what  frame would be perfect (or I can suggest several frames). Then you decide whether you like it or not and which one best matches your ambience. This solution is exclusively applicable to paintings.

For artworks on paper I absolutely can not afford framing them. This is not possible because artworks on paper need to be framed under glass. So, they are in a serious danger to be completely ruined during the process of transportation if the glass breaks. It is a huge risk and I decided to totally exclude the idea of selling framed artworks on paper.

Of course, when you buy and receive my artwork on paper, you can always ask me to help you choose the perfect decorative frame.

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