Art Posters

This version of prints on paper, art posters, are not originally signed by author, unlike signed art reproductions.

Can we enjoy art through posters?

It is good idea to have a refined poster or a reproduction of original artwork, if you didn’t want to purchase an expensive original piece of art. It is absolutely possible to enjoy how an art work looks if you have a poster.

Posters are affordable and in the same time interesting idea for home decoration, and especially for decoration of public spaces. They are also very good choice for a present. Everybody would be happy to receive a right gift which is carefully and thoughtfully selected. I am always touched when I can feel that somebody had dedicated time and effort to find a refined gift that is just right for me.

Art Posters

Technical details

The price of posters is upon request. Additional costs of shipment and customs are not included in the original price and they depend on various factors.

Posters are printed on high quality paper in high resolution.

Paper size:

– 32,0 / 48,7 cm

– 50,0 / 70,0 cm

– 70,0 / 100,0 cm

They are shipped in special mailing tubes, protected from damage.

Items are mailed by DHL or FEDEX internationally.

Posters are not framed with decorative frames. They have to be framed under glass and it is not good solution for transportation because of possible damage.

You can always ask me for my advice about framing, if you are not sure which frame fits the best.


Contact me and ask anything you’d like to know about posters

For purchasing posters, you are welcome to ask me: about prices, shipment and customs expenses, the payment instructions, delivery period etc.

Here is more about the art reproductions.

I hope you will also discover how art can also be enjoyable through art posters.

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