Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings are significant part of my art work. Some are created in oil on canvas artistic technique and some are created as acrylics on canvas. I also love to explore this amazing motif in some other techniques, like watercolor, drawings. I got some very interesting results when I implemented this motif to my miniature art and miniature object.

About my inspiration and my free spirit

Creating art works inspired with such fantastic motif like landscapes is something I enjoy very much. I guess the reason might be that my personality is absolutely free; I can’t tolerate limitations of any kind. I love to be free, like wind blowing, or like air in an empty unlimited space.  I love the idea of flying like a bird over rivers, mountains, oceans. But also the idea of flying so liberated over cities, buildings, roofs, villages etc. is also empowering.

It is not unusual for me to have in my heart feelings that remind me to angelic energies. It is also interesting that I am vata dosha in ayurveda. And my Mayan signature is White Wind, the personification of a free spirit.

Yes, I enjoy so much creating landscapes in various artistic techniques that it feels like I am flying. This is my way to express my eternal limitless omnipresent spirit and soul.

I create landscapes in several artistic techniques

Oil and acrylic paintings

Some landscapes are created in my expressive stile, like this one…

Landscape Paintings I Love


Spanish-Landscape-Aleksandra-Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Spanish Landscape 1991, 60/90 cm


Many of them are created in my postmodernist art or postmodernism style. I implemented typical characteristics of this style like dog-tooth pattern, purified color palette etc.


The most of those paintings are expressing some scenes that existed only and entirely in my imagination before they have manifested as paintings in visible reality. However, some of the scenes really exist somewhere on planet Earth.


Pink-Landscape-Aleksandra-Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Pink Landscape SOLD! 2007, 25/20 cm


Landscapes in other artistic techniques

You can visit other pages and see landscapes created in some other artistic techniques, like watercolors, drawings, miniatures…You can also see my other paintings at the paintings gallery.

If you liked my art…

If you liked my art works created arround this fantastic motif, maybe you would like to own some of my art pieces. You can choose paintings that are already created, or maybe you would like me to create completely new painting or paintings especially for you. Ask me about the details, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

I will be delighted to share with you my adoration of landscape paintings.

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