Art Reproductions

I think that art reproductions on paper or canvas originally signed by author are very good option if you’d like to have an artwork that is of a high quality, and still don’t need to invest a large amount of money. All prints are originally signed and so they are different then art posters. Price is upon request.

Surfer by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom




Art Reproductions Types

There are two types of reproductive art that I produce.


Prints on paper

All of my original artworks can be printed on high quality paper.

There are several sizes of paper used for signed prints:

– 32,0 / 48,7 cm

– 50,0 / 70,0 cm

– 70,0 / 100,0 cm

Digital prints of original artworks are done in high quality resolution.

Like other works on paper, reproductions are properly packed in tubes for mailing/ transportation. Tubes keep the signed prints safe and protect them from damaging.

The costs of transport and customs are added to the original price of an item.

Items are mailed by DHL or FEDEX all around the world.

Signed prints on paper are not framed with decorative frames, because they need to be framed under glass. And it is way too risky to transport such delicate item because the glass might break very easily and badly damage the print.

Prints on canvas

All artworks can also be printed on canvas and signed by author afterwards.

Prints on high quality canvas can be delivered mounted on a wooden stretcher frame, or without the frame.

If they are not mounted, they are packed in a tube for mailing.

Prints on canvas are without decorative frames. Either you can get them framed, and consult me about that, if you wish. Or, I can frame them at the professional framers company. In that case you would approve the decorative frame that I had suggested. The costs of decorative framing are added to the original price.

The maximum size of short dimension of artwork reproduction is 90 cm. The long dimension is adjusted to keep the original proportions. For example, if the size of the original artwork is 30 / 40 cm, then the size of the art reproduction on canvas will be 90 / 120 cm/

Prints on canvas are mailed by DHL or FEDEX all over the world.

Additional info

If you’d like to purchase signed prints, feel free to ask, about prices, mailing and customs expenses, the payment instructions, approximate delivery period etc.

So it is not too complicated to purchase and receive the prints. I hope you will enjoy my signed art reproductions.

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