Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool, created in traditional art technique, oil on canvas, is an element of my art work which consists of art pieces created in other techniques, too. I use new media art techniques in my creative process, as well. The size or format of a painting is pretty large.

Style Patchwork

The painting is created in my artistic period which can be located between my expressive phase and my postmodernist art or postmodernism style. Obviously it consists of elements which characterize both styles.

For example, female figures are created in expressive style. The attributes of this style are most obvious on figures. But, there are other areas of the painting also created in expressive manner. The elements of the painting which can be classified as transition to my next phase, or postmodernist art or postmodernism style are some somewhat decorative images at first glance. Those images or forms are curvy white shapes painted on the blue areas which represent water. Then, on this artwork, for the first time I have implemented the dog-tooth pattern.

It was very extravagant idea, and of course, fun, for me to mix the elements from different styles in the same painting.

But this was not my genuine motivation. Non-expressive style visual elements added some kind of electronic media special effects aroma, and some new sensibility to the art work. They are structured and aligned in specific order and this new layer or a curtain is a hint, an additional aspect to be observed and explored.

Because my enjoyment and having fun while creating is my ultimate motivation, there are no other premeditated concepts in disguise.

Oil on Canvas, 1993, 145/160 cm

Paintings Gallery

Artist’s Intentions
at the Swimming Pool

I have no intention to use my art for preaching, correcting or healing anything. I prefer to use the concept of time in my way, how I like it. I like to feel good, so I create because I feel good while doing it. This is my choice. Other artists have their own choices. It is all the matter of choice. It is not my intention or my business to care about other people’s choices, and vice versa.
I don’t know, but, honestly, for me it is awkward to adopt so called linear concepts and implement them on something which is non-linear and whole like art. For me linear approach is to intentionally decide to transmit some knowledge, concept, idea, ideology or any other Ego attribute via art which is already complete and doesn’t need fixing. Of course, I am speaking about the real, true and good art, not about premeditated structures which also exist in the art world.

Then, what was on my mind? Fun, enjoyment, and of course, in accordance with those, focusing on the swimming pool.

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