Big Cloud

Big Cloud, oil painting is a segment of my art work. Art technique used for creating the painting belongs to a group of traditional techniques. There are other techniques I use which are part of the same group of techniques, like drawing, watercolor painting, miniature art etc.

Big Cloud

The painting is created in medium size and canvas is mounted on a canvas stretcher frame.

It is classified in the central phase of my postmodernist art or postmodernism style. Artworks created in this artistic period share some common attributes of the style. For example, repetitive visual patterns, various elements of the painting are usually arranged in specific and often repetitive manner. Elements consist of forms like dog-tooth design, clouds, textual messages, symbolic images, etc. some attributes are typical not only for this postmodernist art or postmodernism style, but also for my art work in general. Those characteristics are powerful and intensive colors, emotions and passionate expression of deepest heart desire and impulse etc.

Big Cloud by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Oil on Canvas, 1995, 80/100 cm

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The theme of the painting is a cloud. I love clouds. For example, when I am on the bus, on the road, one of my favorite activities is to examine the clouds in the sky. I enjoy observing their abstract forms and all their variations while they float across the horizon. Infinite number of different nuances and colors of clouds are fascinating. Very quickly I am mesmerized, hypnotized and initiated to sink into contemplation and meditation. While I am on the road, I am really taking a phenomenal journey into some abstract realms and dimensions God knows where.

There are other segments of my art which are not created in traditional art techniques. For example new media art techniques like digital prints, computer animation, net art, installation art, ambiance and so on. All segments of my art work are equally important to me.

Creating a painting with one of my favorite motifs was my logical artistic choice. Maybe you can also join me on this unique journey and enjoy my Big Cloud.

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