Blue Bicycle

Blue Bicycle is art piece created in traditional art technique oil on canvas. This media is side by side integrated in my art work together with other non traditional techniques, like new media art techniques.

Blue Bicycle

This format of the painting is not very large and it doesn’t have the decorative frame.

The style in which the painting has been created is postmodernist art or postmodernism. Some of visual elements that I typically use in my art work produced in this particular style are also combined in this painting. You can find dog-tooth pattern, cartoonish character, some stylized symbols etc.

Some other elements from the field of visual art that are typical for my version of that style are pure and bright colors. They are also integral part of this artwork.

The title of the artwork implies that one of the ideas that were inspiring for me was a concept of motion.

The fictional character portrayed on this painting is smiling and his/hers coiffure is in motion. Since I don’t know who is the person or who are the persons whose portrait I have created and on which planet they existed, maybe I can guess this is a portrait of myself, my self, or self-portrait. Or maybe this is a portrait of you or your portrait, who knows?

Blu Bicycle by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Oil on Canvas, 1995 40/30 cm

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This painting reminds me on one of the masterpieces that had blown my mind away when I was a small child spending an enormous amount of time sinking into the art encyclopedias at our home library. It was the Medusa by Caravaggio.

I was so massively astonished by this painting, that I obviously created my own version of this piece of art.

Only in my version every detail is quite the opposite, or more adequate, complementary to the original painting.

When I contemplate now about the famous Caravaggio’s painting, I am so deeply grateful that I had an opportunity to at least be in touch with its magnificent energy. The master was obviously having so much fun with drama concept and playing with contrast.

I also share the attitude that art is fun, and I was having so much fun while creating and looking at my painting Blue Bicycle.

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