Golden Room Prints

Golden Room prints, digital prints, segment of my art work, belong to a new media art technique category. They are part of a larger artwork, an ambience/ installation art, which took part at many international exhibitions.

About a Room

The initial part of the artwork is computer animation of imaginary room. You can easily step into this room, although there are neither doors nor windows. For me, this is absolutely right and normal. In fact, I think everybody already exists in the golden space all the time. I just evoke this state, so maybe somebody else can feel it, as well.Golden Room Prints about a Real Space

For me, permanent ubiquity of golden space is real. I preserve knowledge about this through my intuition and my strong (artistic) logic. I don’t know what strong (scientific) logic has to say about that. Of course, I have no intention to explore or prove anything. It is incompatible with my artistic logic. I have my own impression, my own truth. If someone else shares the same feeling, it is perfect. If there is no one else out there who can also see the golden space, it is perfect, too. All is well.

The Creative Process

Let’s see how this digital prints were created.

After the digital animation was finished, consecutive sequences were carefully established. They consist of many different views and perspectives of the imaginary room interior. Each one is a capture from a different angle. While walking observers/ visitors through the space of a “room”, images represent many different aspects of a golden light. The sensation of lightning effects is perceived physically by eyesight, and also mentally and emotionally. They are absorbed and re-created internally in many ways by observing this artwork.

There are several digital prints of a Golden Room. While animation is treating the time factor in specific way, prints are acting differently. They are pointing to some kind of a real physical linear motion through an imaginary and artificial space.

Other Aspects of this Artwork

The other aspects or variations of this artwork, like art installation which  consisted of a lightning effects and a computer animation, exhibited at the Qucera Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia.

Check out also art installation and my other digital prints.

You can choose to play and to explore the images in a form of Golden Room prints.

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