Digital Prints

Digital prints, a new media art technique is a part of my art work that I use frequently. I really enjoy this technique.

Diamond by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Diamond, Art Light Installation, Digital Prints, Computer Animation, 2007

I Love this Artistic Media

Computer technology is another advantage for the artists in contemporary world. They can express their creativity and creative ideas in one more powerful way.

I love very much all art techniques that allow me to manifest my idea without much delay. I feel satisfied when I can see the creative sparkle from my mind almost simultaneously exhibited in the visible dimension.

Computer drawings and computer manipulated images are an adequate way for me to see the output of my creative process pretty soon.

I can render a product of digital art work as computer animation or as prints. Usually I choose to print sequences from my computer animations as separate artworks. So, prints can exist as autonomous artworks, or they can be a part of a broader artistic concept like art installations or ambiences.

There is another kind of artworks that I also print – illustrations.

Where I used Computer Prints

Installation art work or ambience NASTURTIUM was the first art project where prints were constitutive element.

Then, prints were used in a similar context in my artistic project E 75.

DIAMOND Prints, segments from computer animation were printed and also served as integral element of complex art work DIAMOND.

GOLDEN ROOM Prints from computer animation and art installation or ambience GOLDEN ROOM were also exhibited all over the world.

SELF PORTRAIT was exhibited both in a form of print and net art.

Some prints were not part of another art project, they exist individually, like ROUND WINDOWS, and other artworks.

Digital prints is Marvelous Art Technique

This new media art technique is really a fantastic way for me to expand my art work. It can also be inspiring for me to switch from new media art to traditional techniques and create traditional artworks based on prints. I am sure I will continue creating many more digital prints.

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