E 75

E 75, digital prints, computer animation and ambience or installation art work is a segment of my art work and belongs to a new media art technique category, which took part at the following exhibitions:

-solo exhibition at SULUJ Gallery, 2001, Belgrade, Serbia

-group exhibition, 2003 and 2004 Salon Internacional de Arte Digital in Havana Cuba

Originally, the title of this artwork E 75 is, in fact, a label for the international highway which is connecting south and north of Europe. I was traveling this highway many times, from Belgrade to Nish and vice-verse. I was born in Nish, and moved to Belgrade as a student at the university. I was visiting my family in Nish often, and my artwork is a tribute to my sentimental emotions of homesickness.

While I was on a trip on this highway, I was mesmerized by observing the impression of a motion of white lines painted on the dark grey asphalt. While this was an initial inspiration, the artwork has some other connotations, mainly spiritual. Let’s stop here and let your imagination do its work.Art historian and critic, curator of the SULUJ Gallery had explained “E 75” artwork:


In the first decade of her professional creating in fine arts, the artist Aleksandra Smiljkovic – Vasovic has passed all the way from the painting as a classical artistic medium to the more complex aspects of the artistic creation in the field of visual arts. In the paralel process she has not ignored the painting as a primary aspect of fine arts in which she clearly defined her plastic and poetic point of wiev, in order to enlarge visualy and technically the field of her action trough the other more present mediums and their combination.Art historian Ivona Rajacic – Barandovski about E 75…

By the conceptional justifying she will combine computer prints and objects instalations in ambiental complexes, even slowely introducing the third dimension as well as the movement through the computer animation…

In the SULUJ gallery Aleksandra Smiljkovic – Vasovic will present the results of her last year creative and artistic research in virtual and unlimited field of program possibilities of ” Macromedia FreeHand”, “Adobe Photoshop”, “Fractal Design Painter” or “3D Studio MAX” to the very materialization of her imagined black and white world through the computer graphics.Art historian Ivona Rajacic – Barandovski about E 75…

The easy compatible, rectangular graphics of medium sizes are completed by very long graphic-frieze with a stressed linear accent which is leading to the third segment of work, the adequate animation that is not in the space of the gallery, but at a precise internet address.

The whole artistic project is a reflection of the rational and analytical nature of the artistic being of Aleksandra Smiljkovic – Vasovic, but of course in the expressing domain of fine arts. The obvious space-constructive dimension in these works is a result of desire to overlook the imaginary-virtual space in which the regularly sequence of repeating and interchanging geometric shapes and pictures is visible. The regular and sharp rhythm of interchanging the cubes and squares, observed from different angels, produces the dynamics and the impression of regular mechanical movement.So, the phenomenon of moving is stressed even by a strong sensation of the full white line and the broken white line that otherwise has a clear visual message of a traffic sign. By the third segment through the vivid animation-movement, the moving is being stressed once again as the basic elementary truth.

Sublimating the impressions of what we see, we cannot get over the impression that we are dealing with an artist who does not like pathetic style, but an imaginary-rational approach to the artistic expression.Looking broadly, poetically, we can take the exhibition as a specific Alexandra’s longing for freedom through the personal traveling through the unlimited space of the internal self-that is, through the virtual world which gives to each individual the filing of getting the freedom otherwise inaccessible. The cold monochromatic style and the strictness of the mechanical order of the given geometrical forms is forwarding to certain “road-less area” of the contemporary human to whom the civilization heritage and technological benefits definitely, from the other side, take the tribute in richness of emotions…

About all that, inter alias, Aleksandra Smiljkovic – Vasovic is thinking loudly and asking herself also by this exhibition.

In Belgrade, October 2001.
Ivona Rajacic – Barandovski, historian of arts

Translation Dorotea Pantelic

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You are welcome to join me in my highway trip on E 75.

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