White Diamond Prints

White Diamond Prints (digital prints) are a part of new media art technique and a segment of my art work. They are part of a broader artistic project, an installation art or ambiance DIAMOND, exhibited all over the world.

The Idea

The original idea for this artwork came naturally and was not premeditated. Some inner impulse from inside my mind and my heart and my inner being needed to be manifested. It was a strong feeling or sensation or idea or awareness of brilliant flash of white light. Idea of ultimate absolute existence was associated with this recognition. I was not astonished, because I was convinced this is absolutely normal and natural, this is how everything should always be. I didn’t want or need to analyze or define that vision and inner state. I wanted to create art upon this realization, not to impress anybody, but to enjoy and have fun.

How it was Done

I have to say I am far from being a technically skilful expert for 3D computer animation. However, I was able to create a perfect animation, effortlessly and miraculously, like I was on autopilot. After that phase, digital prints or still images White Diamonds were derived from the animation.

Non-linear versus Linear
White Diamond Prints

While the animation was expressing the non-linear narration, its sequences printed became another layer of the complete presentation of the idea of brilliance of light. They are leading the spectators from point A to point B, and then C and so on. Because of that guidance, the observer is involved into the artistic story and is moving consequently from one sequence to another.

In digital prints, elements of an art work DIAMOND, the rendition of time factor is re-created in another mode. The time is one of the aspects of perception of this artwork. It is obvious that time is relative category. It depends on the interpretation of the artwork’s creator and of the observer.

Digital prints expose the chronology of the events that are occurring inside the DIAMOND computer animation.

Inside the Diamond Heart

In addition, there are several prints that represent a closer magnified look at the very essence of the structure of the diamond and the diamond art concept itself.

You can also see the other aspects of this art work, like ambience or art installation DIAMOND, or digital prints at digital prints gallery.

I invite you to take your time, taka a look at the images and meditate or contemplate on White Diamonds.

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