Golden Room Installation

Golden Room installation is part of my art work in new media techniques, artistic media that I love to use in my creative practice for many years. It consists of several parts, such as: digital prints, computer animation and lightning effects, and all those elements together are composing an installation art artwork or ambiance. One part of this work also exists as net art.

Parts of this work were exhibited at the following events:

-VII salón de Arte Digital, Havana, Cuba

-SALÓN DE ARTE DIGITAL / IV Edición – 2005 , Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del ZULIA, MACZUL, Venezuela

-2006 Japan Madia Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Yebisu Garden Place,Tokyo, Japan

-2006, Golden Opportunity, Marx-Saunders Gallery, Chicago, USA

-Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award, Finland


As an installation art work it was exhibited in 2009 at the Qucera Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.



I wrote this:

This is what I wrote about the exhibition (Golden Room Installation):


Room, i.e. gallery lobby hosting the project is rich in details with them being a visual attractions in their very nature: 2 walls and some details are painted in bright yellow, floor is coated with black & white tills, central section of the ceiling is occupied by huge square-segmented mirror, view is attracted by a reception desk, there is a couple of glass and couple of wooden doors, big windows with strip curtains, attractive lighting and illuminating items

For sure, this ambiance was interesting for me, urging me to contribute to this visual experience by using central section of gallery lobby for exhibiting a large-sized digital animation showing the room with sparkling golden walls, ceiling and floor. In addition to animation, part of exhibited project is lighting effects and their producer is Radovan Samolov. They are performing dazzling reflects in the mirror, onto the animation and surrounding glass surfaces. This dazzling is also visible from the outside, through gallery windows, and presents an interesting contrast to external ambiance where the gallery is located – the very hillsides of huge Monastery forest (Manastirska suma), home of peace and quiet.

Translated by Vesna Lazarevic



Others have said
Golden Room Installation:

Also, there is a statement given at the exhibition opening by artistic secretary of the Cultural Center:

Golden room of Aleksandra Vasovic

Through creative reconstruction of reality, the artist introduced us into the completely different space by playing with light and color. Digital projection of the room with golden walls, ceiling and floor, gallery wall stands as an imaginary painting; light effects in real space reflected on the walls, glass surfaces and mirrors in the gallery, disintegrate borders between the imaginary and realistic, between two dimensional and three dimensional space and provide an observer with specific synergy with gallery space.

Light effects activate vacancy of the gallery, thereby enabling the gallery itself to become a constitutive element of the installation.

The gallery transforms into the space of visual attractions designed and created by Aleksandra Vasovic.

As visitors, we are invited into this golden room and we are its comprising part.

So, dare! Step into this different space.

Experience and feel Aleksandra’s room for yourselves.

Nadja Mandic

Translated by: Vesna Lazarevic

More detail about parts of the artwork are described further on some other pages, like a page about digital prints.

My adoration of golden color and light was my inspiration to create this monumental and complex artwork, Golden Room installation.

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