Rose Petals

Rose Petals artwork belongs to installation art category, part of my art work in new media techniques and a chapter of a series of similar artistic installations that I produce for last more then ten years. There are several components of artwork which compose an ambiance or installation art, like: digital prints, computer animation and lightning effects.

Art installation (full title: CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT DISPOSITION OF FLUORESCENT PINK ROSE PETALS IN SPACE: consists of computer animation of fluorescent pink petals flying through space with some lightning effects incorporated in animation itself. Lightning effects are fluorescent pink light which sparkles from time to time. Animation is presented on the walls and on the bodies and faces of the people walking through space. When somebody is exposed to animation and its lightning effects by walking trough the space, it seems that the observer is a part of the installation and the installation is a part of the observer. There is an interaction between all elements of the installation, including the observers. The disposition of fluorescent pink petals in space changes every second and makes different scene and impression. Every scene is different, the scenes are never the same and they are in constant state of change. Also, everybody has his own interpretation of the scene and impression. So, everybody has infinite number of completely different scenes and impressions. For the visitors, each of them has crucially important disposition of fluorescent pink petals in space, because it will be gone and change completely in the very next moment, and will never be the same.



More about Rose Petals Art ProjectThis project took place at:

-VII and IX SALÓN DE ARTE DIGITAL /2005 , 2011, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del ZULIA, MACZUL, Venezuela

-SAME 2011 – 4th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experience (NAMU Series), 29th June-2nd July 2011in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Communities and Technologies, Brisbane, Australia

-Academic MindTrek 2014, Tampere University of Technology, Finland


See the updates about the solo exhibition at the ULUS Gallery, 37, Knez Mihajlova Street, Belgrade, Serbia.

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My inspiration for this artwork

My favorite scene from a film “Little Buddha” by Bernardo Bertolucci was my inspiration. In the movie, Buddha, who is meditating, converts massive attack of flaming arrows into a divine experience which consists of a mass of beautiful petals peacefully and gently falling down from the celestial sphere. The essence of this spectacle was pure unconditional love and beauty. It was my inspiration to create my Rose Petals.

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