Fluxion is a sketch drawing or a croquis, a rapid drawing, kind of artwork that belongs to a traditional art techniques category and a segment of my art work. The theme of the drawing is plumbing fixture and a tubing drawing water like a fountain.


I adore croquis drawings because they are absolutely capable to express exactly the pure essence of the subject.

I usually don’t need more then one minute to complete a croquis. It’s a plenty of time to comprehend absolutely everything and to express it. It is not important if the theme of a croquis is some person, or some other motif. I use the same rapid scanning technique in everyday life, too.

For this particular sketch, I was inspired to tell all about the fluctuation of energy. This simple plumbing device as a complete metaphor for directed flow of energy. It was very interesting for me to follow the motion and the power of the energy of water from its source.

I created the drawing in no more then twenty seconds. I needed more then twenty seconds to write this sentence. And yet, the drawing is absolutely complete, there is nothing to be done in addition. But, writing about the energy of this drawing represents it and re-creates it and highlights its potential.


Fluxion by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Fluxion, croquis on natron paper, 1989, 22×24,5 cm

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Maybe I could create a monumental art installation about the same motif, but I think this is not necessary. For me, this small simple drawing is better carrier of the energy power. The drawing is a symbol of energy flow. It also pays attention to the curves of the tubing which became a part of energy’s experience on its route.

This is very simple motif, but also a powerful symbol. There are many connotations integrated in the drawing. I can mention fertility as one of them.

Creating and expressing powerful symbols is important part of my artwork.

And again, imagine that I needed less then twenty seconds to tell all about some symbol while creating the drawing. And now, we have an opportunity to take our time and enjoy watching and observing this artwork very, very slowly.

This is why I like the dual nature of the croquis, and of course, of this particular one – Fluxion.

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