Art Drawings

I created art drawings through all phases of my art work. This is a basic art technique and it is not possible to exclude drawing from the process of creating art, from sketches to complex studies.

Art Drawings

There are many variations and drawing techniques that I use in my art. Sometimes they are used as a preparation phase for creating, but often, they are autonomous works of art.

I love drawing so much. I draw very fast “alla prima” or at first attempt. The drawing lines are harmoniously following my mind and my heart. Ideas can flow easily and they are effortlessly manifested. I also enormously enjoy studies when I dedicate hours and days to explore and create or re-create some subject (motif or a live model). I pay attention to every possible aspect of a subject that exists, and also to general concepts. Art is such a powerful medium for such approach.

My drawings can be grouped by style, like: expressive, from expressive style to postmodernist art or postmodernism and postmodernist art or postmodernism.

I also have many motifs that I use for drawings: portraits, figures, landscapes, symbolic motifs etc.

There are many art materials that I use, like: pencil, crayon, ink, pastel colored pencil, computer drawing. (More on computer drawing can be found in another section of the website which is explaining new media art techniques).

Two main streams or forms of art drawings that I use are studies and croquis drawings.


Opposite of croquis drawings or rapid drawings, studies are drawn carefully and studiously. I enjoy studies, but, my studies are compound of a numerous layers of croquies drawings. It means that I am rapidly catching glimpses or impressions of totality just like I am drawing sketches. But, the difference is that I don’t make many sketches on different peaces of paper. I place all the sketches on the same paper one on top of another, and so on. It look like I am placing many layers one over another. I am not creating studies in a linear manner, by moving from one point to another, or from point A to the point B, etc. I create studies by implementing a multitude of a series of total impressions, sensations or conditions.

Many studies are part of my artistic praxis, like:

Nude Study

Still Life Study

Croquis Drawings

This is a technique which consists of rapidly executed drawings. For instance, live model is frequently changing the positions, poses and expressions. The artists then quickly catch the pure essence of the given condition.

I am absolutely convinced that croquis is capable to express the attributes both of the subject and of the artist as the creator. I adore rapid drawings, because I can instantly express the substance of the subject, the emotions, both subtle and passionate, both ideas and energy.

I have created many croquis drawings, like:


There is more about drawings on drawings on paper page and in the drawings gallery.

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