Acrylic Paintings

I created acrylic paintings in some of my art phases. I like this technique for several reasons, and one of them is that I don’t have to wait for paint to dry to proceed with art work. The creative process can remain uninterrupted. Acrylics are great for flat textures that I paint. Another advantage is that they are diluted with water, a medium that is not so toxic like turpentine medium for oils. Although acrylics are water-based, once they are dry, they become water-resistant ad can not be removed from a canvas.

Acrylics look great and I adore them because I can use them in such manner that they transmit eccentric and extravagant impression. For example, I am free to enjoy using fluorescent paints. But, if I like, I can use acrylics in a way that they have a resemblance of oils. Other things are also similar: I use artist easel, canvases, brushes etc. for acrylics in the same way as for oils.

Postmodernist art or postmodernism

I began creating acrylic paintings, or switched to them from oils after I finished Masters Studies at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. The style remained the same, it was postmodernist art or postmodernism. The characteristic of the style are: pure painting textures, pure colors, universal symbols, such as clouds, fonts, stylized cartoonish humanoid characters, Mickey Mouse ears, dogtooth pattern and so on. Textures evaluated to a legitimate equally significant elements of a painting, like in collages. But they can also be comprehended as totally independent entities. This is so because those textures have their autonomous subtle variations of brush movements and color nuances. Each of them has its own specific connotation, but when combined, they bring forth a new content.

Post postmodernist art or postmodernism

I continued creating acrylics paintings in the period of post postmodernist art or postmodernism, in which the purification of the element continued.

I intended to create paintings of monumental size inspired by watching NBA basketball matches on TV and fascinated with the looks of playgrounds. I was not rationally aware of fact that within months my country would be in the middle of a war for real. But, the correlation between sport playgrounds and war battlefields was obvious. Anyway, it was still not possible for me to lose my source of vitality, creativity, beauty and absolute joy. My color palette remained bright and vivid; the paintings still radiated hope and positive energy.

From that period, there are several paintings: THE BALL IS SMALL, then LAKERS

After that, I painted various themes, like landscapes, sea, beaches, waves, flowers…

Acrylic painting CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT DISPOSITION OF FLUORESCENT PINK ROSE PETALS IN SPACE ONE is a version of a same theme that is also expressed in other techniques, such as: installation art, computer animation, ambience, digital prints, net art…

Many of my artworks created in this art technique are landscapes, like Silver Mountains

Pink by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Pink, acrylic on canvas, 1998, 160/145 cm, 62,6/57,3 inches
 available for sale, ask here

see more paintings here

Acrylic Paintings are Right for Me

Acrylics proved to be just right for some of my ideas, since the element of speed was involved in the creative process. Since the speed is one of the main characteristics of my personality and energy, my choice of technique was natural. It was easier for me to follow my creative impulse, there was no need for delay in creative process any more. Textures are dry very quickly, in a minutes, and they are ready for the next step of creation. The painting process became as quick as drawing or watercolor, painting process was more fluent. There was no need for interruptions; I could enjoy alla prima painting, or direct painting, without much need for later interventions or corrections. I am sure that I will continue exploring more the potential of this technique and I will create many more acrylic paintings.

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