Nude Study

Nude Study belongs to art drawings category, a segment of my art work in traditional artistic media. It is created in charcoal on natron paper technique.

The size of artwork is large and dimensions are 144/178 cm. It was created when I was first grade art student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

I created the drawing of a live model for a human figure study. It was a part of the first grade art students’ education schedule at the Academy.

I didn’t choose to draw live model specifically from the back side. It was more a coincidence then a result of my intention. But this constellation was working in my advantage, it is obvious. The art studio at the Academy was very crowded, and so I didn’t have many chances to be very picky in selecting the perfect spot for drawing my study.

But, I was very lucky to grab that space to place my easel and huge size natron paper mounted on wooden canvas stretcher frame. From that position I could catch the excellent soft light coming from the windows. And the greatest bonus was that I could draw a live model from the back side. I felt it was extraordinary.

I adore some art masterpieces of a live female model painted from the back side, like this one:

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres,The Valpinçon Bather (Fr: La Grande Baigneuse), 1806, oil on canvas, 146 cm × 97.5 cm, Louvre, Paris

Again, there was a phenomenal course of events working in my favor: good and experienced live model, natural light, inspiring atmosphere.

Nude Study by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
NUDE, charcoal drawing, study, 1989, 144/178 cm

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See this ink sketch i prepared before creating a study…

Nude by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Size 16/31 cm…6,3/12 in…year 1989

Nude Study Analysis

I can not analyze my inspiration in a linear way, explaining one part of my creating method after another and so on. The reason for this is that I am creating my studies in the similar manner I am creating croquis drawings or sketches. I have an instant perfect comprehension of certain conditions and circumstances of the particular situation. I rapidly create lines, shadows etc. on paper. Then, I do it again spontaneously with the next situation, and then again and again. It is the similar action like placing many transparent layers on top of one another. In fact, one layer is absolutely sufficient to totally explain and create an artistic situation, like I do in sketches. But, in studies, enormous amount of layers enriches the experience in many more ways. While I am writing and describing this process, it is kind of adding another amount of creative layers to my art work.

Numerous layers of this study of a female figure express a condition of an artist creating a drawing and also a condition of a situation outside the artist. There are light and space as artistic elements. There is a live model orientated towards or looking at the inner space of the artwork, or at the so-called background. It suggests that there are a lot of possibilities or potentials out there. The drawing indicates that there is something going on on a very subtle plan, and there is a presence of a huge energy.

But, I want to make sure not to ruin the most important part of an artwork, one that is manifesting in observers mind. So, I will end my story here and let you contemplate on Nude Study.

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