Drawings on Paper

Drawings on paper are segment of my art work created in traditional art techniques.

Drawings on Paper

There are several types of artworks on paper that I use in the process of artistic creation…


One of traditional art techniques used in my art is ink on paper. This technique can be used for creating very studious drawings, bit, I have chosen another approach. Since the speed factor and rapid drawing is my favorite way of expression, I implemented the same attitude to my drawing in ink.

The theme of my drawings presented here was a view from my balcony. You can see an urban landscape and feel a pulse of a city.

On other drawings there are two other themes.

One is my art professor fully concentrated on his own art work during our art class at the Academy of Fine Arts. What a remarkable example of focus and inspiration. And he obviously had inspired me to create my artwork.

Another one is also about focus and concentration, but this is about focus of our dear dog, my cocker spaniel Arthur, concentrated on and contemplating about God knows what. Some delicious food, I assume.



Dry pastel drawings on paper are an interesting technique in other media category, too. I have preserved my usual passion for rapidly executed drawings, and created artworks about several themes that inspired me.

Two of them represent me creating art in the art studio at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. The point is that I was untypically drawing by my left hand, because my right wrist had been fractured while making the mosaics at the mosaic class at the academy. You can see a plaster cast on my right forearm. I was born left-handed, but later, when I was at the first grade at the primary school, I was trained by my teacher to switch to using right hand.

Other two drawings are about a female figure, actually of my classmate, are also created with my left hand. For me, there is no difference between my art drawings created by left or right hand.


Oil pastel is similar to dry pastel technique. It suits me nicely for the same reason as dry pastels suit me: I can create rapidly and alla prima. Maybe oil pastels are even more suitable for my rapid drawing creation.

There are several drawings created in oil pastel technique. Some of them show the carousel in the amusement park. Pastels were the good choice of art technique for creating drawings that are almost identical to croquis. I needed this method to catch and preserve on my drawing the motion and all the joy of the merry-go-round.

Carousel or Marry-go-round, 1 and 2, 1989, 31,5/22 cm and 25/26,5 cm

Motion was also my inspiration for the pastel about the street and its energy.

One oil pastel shows me stretching the laundry, an activity that can be very meditative. It allows me to dive deep into the pleasure and the calmness of the present moment f now. Obviously, laundry drying can be an artistic performance and inspiration, too.


Not created so rapidly, but, I adore it, too.

One drawing is about the baby rabbit and about the feeling, the energy of softness, kindness, enormous cuteness, pure beauty and love.

This drawing is about a female figure which is asleep, resting. This is a figure of my mother, who is not present in visible dimensions any more.

Another two are about our dear afghan hound Smokey, also having a nap.

You are welcome to visit my drawings gallery, and check out other drawings on paper.

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