Small Cloud Painting

Small Cloud Painting or From the Back-side is created in traditional oil painting art technique as a segment of my art work.

Small Cloud Painting

This artwork is a part of a serial of paintings which was exhibited in 1996 at the Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia, as a component of my final exam of my Master of Fine Arts Studies.

The painting belongs to my postmodernist art or postmodernism style. This style is still present as an aspect of my art work.

Typical elements of this style are also evident here on this painting. Those elements are: dog-tooth pattern, a cloud, pure bright colors, simplified textures.

As usual the title of the painting spontaneously came to light after the painting process had reached the final stage.

Often I don’t like to pick some theme, idea or concept and then illustrate it. And even if I create a painting about some specific theme, I never use a narrative concept in my art work.

I am absolutely sure that the inspiration for this artwork didn’t come from any particular motif from the “real life”. I was not motivated to create by any real event or object.

I have to admit that I am not able to tell where the inspiration came from. I am witnessing that the initial impulse for my artistic action came from a place which is impossible to define and describe. I can not explain how this place looks like and if this IS a place at all, in the first place.

But I had a creative urge to take an action, to fulfill my artistic appetite and perform my art work. I simply couldn’t imagine not creating this image, a manifestation of a concept and the idea that I was intuitively aware of.

From the Back-side by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
FROM THE BACK-SIDE, oil on canvas, 1995, 30/40 cm

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The painting was created quickly. The colors were selected impulsively and intuitively. I am absolutely sure that the selection of the colors for this artwork is perfect. They were selected and the art work was executed alla prima.

When the painting was finalized, I became aware that I had been creating or manifesting an image of time and space concept which is not easily perceptive in ordinary visible time-space third dimension reality.

The composition of the painting suggests that the observer is at the same time approaching the painting from the outer world, and observing out to the outer space from the painting’s inner world. Like some kind of a mirror.

So, the concept of time and space which is ambivalent is captured on this artwork. The title itself is also ambivalent because it indicates that we cannot be absolutely sure from which point of view are we approaching the artificial world and vice versa.

What do you think from which point are you referring to this artwork? Any point you pick is absolutely OK. Even from the back-side, of course, of the Small Cloud Painting.

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