Silver Mountains

Silver Mountains is acrylic painting, segment of my art work which is created in traditional art techniques.

More about Silver Mountains Painting

The theme of this artwork is some landscape from my imagination. This is very frequent motif on my paintings and on my other works of art.

This painting consists of my usual motifs which I incorporate in many of my other artworks from the similar serials.

The style of the artwork is some kind of postmodernist art or postmodernism.

Usual motifs used for creating this acrylic painting are:

-simplified variation of a dog-tooth pattern

-purified colors

-other symbolic forms

-some universal messages


There are some crucial themes most inspiring for me that are presented on the painting.

One of them is my natural craving for fresh air, or a free breathing, or a free space…one of the reasons may be the fact that I am living in a city.

The idea of the huge amount of fresh air was embodied in an image of a huge forest of evergreen silver firs.

The largest space of my painting is inhabited with my symbolic presentation of huge mountains all covered by silver firs forests.

Silver Mountains by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Silver Mountains, acrylic on canvas, 2012, 40/30 cm, private collection

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There is another symbol present on the painting, a symbol of universal love and freedom in a form of a huge pink and white cloud levitating in the sky. For me this is also a representation of the spirit and spirituality, and a reminiscence of a play and childhood.

Between those two symbols, there is my interpretation of a huge free space, as an image of distant mountains’ tops.

This landscape maybe has its exact match somewhere on planet Earth, or maybe on some other planet.

It obviously exists. It is in front of our eyes, presented on my acrylic painting.

For me this is all that I need to get the strongest feeling of being physically present at some astonishing natural resort.

I have a strong feeling of inhaling this sweet fresh liberating air and also exhale universal love, and all that under the guidance of a spirit.

I hope this art work can inspire you to meditate, too.

Enjoy and take a closer look at the Silver Mountains.

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