Watercolor Paintings

An extraordinary art technique, watercolor paintings, belongs to traditional art techniques category. This is a segment of my art work that I have used for creating my art for many years, since my beginnings in the field of art. This technique is called aquarelle in French. Aquarelles are usually done on paper, with paints, and the medium is water. Sometimes I mix pencil with aquarelle or I add some accents in dry pastels.

Yin Yang by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom


Watercolor Paintings

This technique is really phenomenal. Children enjoy it, too. I remember when I was a child how I was delighted to paint aquarelles. It is easy for children to express their creativity through this technique, with bright colors and vivid forms and shapes.

I have created many artworks in this technique. I love it because it belongs to a category of artistic media that enables me to express my creative ideas and passion quickly, without much delay. Another aspect of this technique that I love is that you have to paint quickly, while the layers of paint are still wet. Because of that, some unexpected effects occur. I am often pleasantly surprised to see the final result of my artistic action.

I can say that this art technique allows me to be free and limitless. I can play with colors and forms, and structures. It suits me very well, and often I apply the characteristics of this technique when I paint oils or acrylics. I didn’t abandon this technique because it is an exceptional feeling to create rapidly, or at first attempt, or alla prima.

At the beginning, paintings were created mostly in expressive style, and afterwards, I have switched to postmodernist art or postmodernism. Some examples of my art work in this technique are:

Rose Petals

Big Blue

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Yin Yang




The motifs and themes that I create in this media are not different from other motifs that I usually use in my art work.

Bright colors and vivid brush strokes and lines of aquarelle are excellent instruments to assist me to express my emotions, thoughts and attitudes.

I create portraits, figures, landscapes, or I manifest some conceptual art ideas. I think that every good artwork is conceptual in its nature, no matter how many centuries ago it have been created. In my opinion an artwork is inconsistent without a strong idea or a statement. It is easy to feel if the artwork is without integrity or is not true.

I am sure that I will use in my creative work for many more years this authentic and genuine technique, watercolor paintings.

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