My artwork Rondo, a watercolor painting is a segment of my art work and it is created in traditional art technique. The theme of the aquarelle is an imaginary landscape which consists of perspective view of distant mountain tops and the sky, the clouds. The subtle aspect of the theme is romantic and idealistic, and also meditative.


This watercolor is a mixture of my several favorite motifs which are typical for my postmodernist art or postmodernism.

Stylized dog-tooth pattern emphasizes that the space of a watercolor painting is autonomous.

One of strong artistic influences in my art is renaissance principle of perspective. Leonardo da Vinci had elaborated this subject in his writing “Trattato della pittura”. He says that forms become softer and curvier and the color changes to colder nuances when the distance between the observer’s eye and the object increases. If the tops of the mountains appear as sharp when they are close, they appear as curvier as the factor of distance increases. The density of the air is the cause of this natural phenomenon.

If we pay attention to the color of the objects, in this case the color of mountains, we will notice how the color of mountain forests fades from green and yellow or red to blue, light green, light pink, or purple and violet.

Rondo by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Rondo, watercolor, 2003, 104,5/75 cm

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I incorporated the principles of the perspective from the renaissance to my art work and transformed it into my own artistic playground.

My landscapes are in many cases about some imaginary themes. They exist in my mind and on my artworks, but, maybe also exist somewhere on this planet, too. Or maybe on some other planet, who knows? Maybe some visage of some landscape is a perfect match to my imaginary structures.

I really had a lot of fun while spontaneously arranging visual elements of this watercolor.

The artwork is composed in a rounded form which is one of my favorites. This shape gives additional motion to the scene and makes the energy to pulsate in another way. I think this is exciting and beautiful.

The title of the watercolor is based on the Italian expression for artwork created in rounded form, and the word is Rondo.

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