Mickey Mouse Art Work

Oil on canvas Mickey Mouse art works, oil paintings, are created in traditional art technique. Besides creating oil paintings, I also use other traditional and non-traditional art techniques, like new media art techniques in my artistic creative process.

Mickey Mouse Art Work

Paintings are created in the first phase of my postmodernist art or postmodernism style. They contain all visual elements that are typical for my variant of that style. But, there are characteristics that are general for my artistic voice. For example, I always enjoy painting in bright and intensive color palette. In fact, one of my crucial inspirations and creative impulses is my deep adoration of colors. It usually triggers my creative energy and puts me in the creative mode, so I have no other option but to create and manifest an artwork urgently. And, in my case, it happens almost all the time. I never leave creative and happy meditative place of never-ending bliss and inspiration. This is why my art work never stops. It is a continuous process.

Except for those general attributes, easily recognizable in my artistic expression, there are some of them that are typical for the postmodernist art or postmodernism phase of my art.

For example, my paintings created in this manner, all look pretty much cartoonish. They are reminiscence to a comics and cartoonish style. Some of visual elements are repetitive forms and symbolic images. For example there is my version of a dog-tooth pattern then text images, clouds, fictional characters. Characters have one mutual attribute – stylized coiffure which looks like Mickey Mouse ears or maybe toreadors’ hats.

Dark Chocolate

(Mickey Mouse Art Work)

Textual messages in Dark Chocolate are telling some Serbian and international (aka English) curses. As an author, I see them as an expression of my artistic humor. But the person who is watching my painting and reading the messages is free to associate other connotations to those messages. It is observers’ choice, free will and projection.

My admiration for the camera as crucial instrument of the motion pictures is one of the central themes on the painting.

Chocolate by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Dark Chocolate, 1993, 120/120 cm

I also adore sculptures and chocolate and it is obvious – I have even named the painting after the dark chocolate.

Four Mickeys

(Mickey Mouse Art Work)

Four Mickeys painting is a typical example that my general artistic voice is all about my deep devotion to intensive and powerful colors. Color is my crucial inspiration and this is also a crucial element of my artistic statement.

Many typical characteristics of the postmodernist art or postmodernism style are here; there are clouds, textual messages, and cartoonish fictional characters with Mickey Mouse ears or coiffure. Or this is maybe Minnie Mouse, I prefer this suggestion.

Text images with artistic anecdotal phrases in Serbian and English are also typical for this stage of my artistic creation.

The format of the painting is not monumental, but I still pretty large.

Four Mickeys by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Four Mickeys, 1993, 115/110 cm

One of the artistic ideas incorporated in this painting is playing with nuances or different variations of shades of the same color.

There is an instruction in disguise for the watchers, guidance, and hint about how to observe the painting. This is kind of an enigma, and it is an oxymoron to explain the instructions further here.

This painting from the Mickey Mouse art work serial is an example or illustration of my non-linear approach to my art work. There is no linear story or narration about some event or some situation which occurred sometimes somewhere. This is so because I can’t live in any other way different than or outside of non-linear concept.

Maybe this is the theme, the topic of this painting – For Mickey.


(Mickey Mouse Art Work)

Mouth, or full title Big Mouth, is oil painting on canvas. The size of the painting is between medium and large.

Some common characteristics of my artistic voice are intensive colors, since colors are most inspiring and motivating factor for my artistic creation. Often color is the factor that triggers the creative process.

The painting is showing two fictional characters. They are „speaking“ or „telling“ some messages. The messages „read“ on the painting are, in fact, some curses. They are written in Serbian, and English language. Serbian curses are written in Serbian Cyrillic alphabet and English curses are written in Latin alphabet. English curses are also international curses, like some kind of Esperanto curses.

Big Mouth by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Big Mouth, 1993, 100/80 cm

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Why would I use curses in my painting? They were an instrument of my liberation. And liberation in this case was my declaration that in my life and in my art work there was not and would not ever be another intention but to follow my heart, my intuition and my bliss. Really, this is the truth. And the curses are just instructing people who might try to make me do something which is not in accordance with essential heart’s desire to just go away and not waste their time. Because it would be pointless.

This is my statement, this is why the painting is name Big Mouth or just Mouth.

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