Oil on canvas painting Tooth is created in traditional art technique, which is part of my art work. New media art techniques like digital prints and animation, installation art and other techniques are also part of my artistic production.


The painting’s format is medium and it is created in my postmodernist art or postmodernism phase. Obviously, characteristics of this style are detectable here – dog-tooth pattern, Mickey Mouse ears, clouds, all is here.

The painting had been exhibited at my final Master of Fine Art program solo exhibition at the Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in 1996.

Because the central detail of the painting is in fact image of teeth, or their presence or absence, there is another legitimate title of the painting. Another name of the painting is “An Old Man or a Baby”.

The painting had an interesting placement or position at the gallery during the exhibition. It was hang just beside the entrance of the gallery.

So, the art lovers or the visitors of the exhibition had a choice. They could choose to watch the exhibition starting with this painting. And, in this case the appropriate name for the painting is “A Baby”.

Tooth by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Tooth, Oil on Canvas, 1995, 61/50 cm

Paintings Gallery

Or, they may decide to choose the opposite direction. In this case, after the visitors of the exhibition have seen all other paintings in a row, the whole exhibition, finally they would arrive and stand in front of this painting. And because that would be the last image from the exhibition or the show they were observing, the adequate name of the painting would be “An Old Man”.

Other paintings’ disposition at the exhibition was not structured in premeditated order or concept. But, still, evidently, there was some kind of ambiance art concept occurring back then.

The Concept of Linear Time

The concept that the time is linear is interesting. Still, I am not operating in linear mode; my way of thinking is not linear. I think and operate in holistic manner. I function almost entirely from the right brain hemisphere, which is responsible for the intuition, emotions etc.

I couldn’t truly taste  this concept even when creating this painting. But, yes, maybe there is a hint, an idea or a thought about the linear concept of time represented here. And maybe it is questionable if this linear comprehension of time even exists. I don’t know, but surely it was fun to go forward or backward in time, to “become” an old man, or old woman, or a baby, just by creating or observing my painting Tooth.

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