This watercolor painting, Swimmer, was created in traditional art technique and it is segment of my art work.


The theme of this aquarelle is a female figure swimming. This figure represents me, in a swimming pool.

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My artwork Rondo, a watercolor painting is a segment of my art work and it is created in traditional art technique. The theme of the aquarelle is an imaginary landscape which consists of perspective view of distant mountain tops and the sky, the clouds. The subtle aspect of the theme is romantic and idealistic, and also meditative.

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Watercolor Paintings

An extraordinary art technique, watercolor paintings, belongs to traditional art techniques category. This is a segment of my art work that I have used for creating my art for many years, since my beginnings in the field of art. This technique is called aquarelle in French. Aquarelles are usually done on paper, with paints, and the medium is water. Sometimes I mix pencil with aquarelle or I add some accents in dry pastels.

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Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings are significant part of my art work. Some are created in oil on canvas artistic technique and some are created as acrylics on canvas. I also love to explore this amazing motif in some other techniques, like watercolor, drawings. I got some very interesting results when I implemented this motif to my miniature art and miniature object.

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Decorative Frame

Often a decorative frame can be additional element that gives a final touch to complete impression of an artwork, painting etc. Some paintings can exist completely independently without decorative framing. It can be a disadvantage sometimes. But, wise framing can emphasize sense of extravagance and refinement of a painting and other kinds of artworks. If the right kind of frame is chosen, it becomes an element of a painting that boosts the visual impression of an artwork.

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