German Painting

German Painting is created in oil on canvas traditional art technique, and it is a segment of my art work. I also use other techniques, which are not traditional, like many wonderful and inspiring new media art techniques.

German Painting

The painting is created during the central phase of my postmodernist art or postmodernism style. Many typical elements of the style are obvious, like dog-tooth pattern, clouds, text messages, and so on. The size of the painting is pretty large.

The color palette used here is somewhat unusual for my artistic voice, since it is rather restrained, not in its full intensity.

Many elements of this painting are proving that I enjoy so much my journey into various dimensions other then third dimension of visible reality. There are so many options out there, in fact, infinite number of them – infinite number of potential opportunities for enjoyment.

German Painting by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
German Painting, Oil Painting, 1995, 140/110 cm

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When I recall the time when the painting had been created, I can not say that there was anything in particular that had triggered the creative process. Surely I can witness that there is powerful flow of creative force. In fact, I can’t remember being outside that flow. Of course there is some distracting moment every now and then, some not so pleasant and inspiring things, which are unavoidable in our everyday life.

Really, daily routine and all those engagements and responsibilities would not go away so easily.

Still, I can not ever completely step outside the flow of energy which is so natural and empowering.

Why would I or anybody else ever want to exist outside the almost tangible and healing flow of potentials? I always tend to preserve my position at the central point, at the very heart of the positive, creative, healing energy.

So, it was obviously a spontaneous action to just continue existing at the heart of the divine energy and create this artwork here. All the symbols, the selection of the colors or visual elements had come directly, intensively and intuitively from my heart.

And of course, without premeditation, the title of the painting had raised – German Painting.

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