No Name

No Name is oil on canvas painting; this artistic technique is part of my art work.

No Name

The painting is created in postmodernist art or postmodernism style. The basic attributes of this style from this phase of my art work are some symbolic images, some characters from my imagination, created in cartoonish manner. There some other typical elements, like dog-tooth pattern, which is, of course, stylized and transposed to the language of visual art. The color palette is purified, bright, and intensive.

The format of this painting is relatively small.

The title of the painting suggests that the artwork can refer to indefinite number of things. The interpretation of the painting depends on the person interpreting it. The observer is allowed to find the explanation which is the most adequate and aligned to observer’s feeling and sensibility.

Naturally, it is not necessary to look for any interpretations or associations. There is no need for the object of art to have or to offer the possibility for any kind of interpretation or logical explanation; quite the opposite. No explanation about the artwork indicates that the ideas in the world of art usually emerge from the areas that are beyond words, or can not be described. They are born somewhere in the abstract domain and it is not possible to easily translate those ideas to logical sentences. It is not possible to define those ideas from the art world scientifically. I am so happy because of that. Why? I don’t know; I can’t define what the origin of this feeling is. But I am happy, oh, yes. Thank God that in the world of art there is no need for logical explanations. Sure there is strict artistic logic, but this area is ethereal and can’t be explored by logical approach; only by feeling; it’s so magnificent.

No Name by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
No Name, Oil on Canvas, 1995 40/30 cm

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Luckily, there is a perfect instrument to manifest the ideas from non-material and abstract dimensions into the visible and material world. This is the instrument that artists use in every known form of art. This is the basic instrument and after the concept from the abstract world is transformed through this basic and most important instrument. Artist then choose other instruments more specific for the different forms of art to incarnate the original ideas and concepts.

The crucial factor of this equation is that the very same instrument is used by the observers of artworks to comprehend and grasp the artistic concepts coming from the abstract realms.

I am sure that you’ve already guessed that the basic instrument is heart. It can always feel, perfectly correct without exception, what is the energy of the observed object of art.

And because there are not so many words in the abstract world to define all those ideas and concepts, there is no title for this small and hopefully cute abstract painting; really, there is no name.

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