Lapels, oil on canvas painting, a segment of my art work is created in traditional art technique which I use equally with other techniques, like new media art techniques.


This painting is a part of a group of other oil paintings exhibited in 1996 at the Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, at my Master of Fine Arts Final Exam Exhibition.

Postmodernist art or postmodernism is a style which best describes the manner the painting had been created. During this phase of my art work I developed specific expressionless forms like bright, intensive colors, purified textures, cartoonish fictional characters, dog-tooth pattern, etc.

The central theme of the painting is a portrait of some fictional person. Or, it is also correct to say that it could be a portrait of several persons, all fictional. It is also true to explain this portrait as some kind of universal presentation of certain combination of some emotions and thoughts.

The character created on the painting obviously has an intention to have a closer look at the observer of the artwork. The evidence is the fact that the character is carefully observing through hers or his spectacles.

Lapels by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Lapels, Oil on Canvas, 1995, 30/40 cm

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This process is reciprocal. The reason for this is that the universal cartoonish character from the painting initiates the share exchange of energy between the artwork and the observer. If the character is observing you so curiously, maybe it is a good idea to accept the invitation and play.

Anyway, the glasses are just the initiation. There are other details, messages and suggestions implemented in the image.

Why are those visual symbols present on this painting? For two reasons. One is for the painter to express the energy that inspired her. Another reason is for the art lovers and observers of art objects to be invited to develop their own internal story.

For example, you can begin your own journey by investigating why was this painting given the title: Lapels.

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