Red Mickey

Red Mickey

The painting belongs to my from-expressive-to-postmodernist art or postmodernism-style, and more precisely, tom the final phase of this period.

My version of this style consists of several visual elements, like: bright colors, symbols, cartoonish fictional characters, textual messages, etc.

The central visual element of the painting is a portrait of a person which I maybe haven’t ever met or seen. I have never heard about that person, I don’t know who that person is. Or this image is an overlap of several portraits of several persons, which I probably haven’t ever met. I am not sure who they might be. But, still, the person created on the painting looks so real. This is some kind of universal symbol or reflection of some emotions expressed and some contemplative efforts.

The portrait of a person or persons surely represents hope and optimism. The picture is about being open to positive attitude. As usually, I didn’t make a calculation and a plan to illustrate those beliefs in my artwork. Of course not. I never make a plan what I am going to express in my art work or how I would “educate” people through my art. I create spontaneously, from my heart and out of joy.

Red Mickey by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Oil on Canvas, 1991, 45/40 cm

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You can see some textual messages on the painting. Some are in English, and some phrases are the same English sentences translated in Serbian. Serbian text is written or painted in Serbian Cyrillic font.

Maybe the text messages are making a balance to an overall optimistic and positive tone which dominates the artwork. Or maybe they were just the instrument to tell a joke. You are free to choose the explanation which suits you better or to make up completely anew one.

And so, here is a portrait of a person or the persons, which is/are completely fictional. Who knows, maybe they exist in some variant of Disneyland as a members of a family or of a clan with the title Red Mickey.

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