Other Media

My art work in other media that belongs to traditional art techniques category consists of several branches. They are present for many years in my creative work, because it is inspiring for me to express my artistic ideas in many different artistic media.

Other Media

During my studies at the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Art or the Faculty of Fine Art at the Belgrade University of Art in Serbia, it was necessary to master all traditional art techniques before deciding what techniques best suits your artistic voice.

Of course, even before the Academy, all candidates who apply for the preliminary exam to qualify for the Faculty of Fine Arts are expected to be masters of drawing, painting or sculpture. It is rigorous demand but this is an unavoidable requirement, because being a professional artist is amazing, but only if you are exceptionally gifted. Unfortunately, some ungifted or insufficiently talented people manage to squeeze into Academy of Fine Art. It is a tragedy, because they do not turn into disaster just their own lives, but also they degrade the profession itself. It is so very sad, true tragedy.

Although I was a student, I was extremely devoted to fulfill my artistic contribution to the world. It was absolutely impossible for me not to be one hundred percent dedicated to my art work, all the time. And of course, I have no intention to abandon this rule, because this is only natural approach for me. I can’t imagine functioning in any other way.

Mosaic, orthodox icons, gouache, art prints, miniature art… are also traditional art techniques that I have used and which have influenced my art work.

Obviously there is more then just technically using some artistic media. It is so much more. It is intuitive and genuine process and I am using and will use the techniques that I have mentioned, but also even more other media.

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