Still Life

Still Life is a study drawing, a segment of my art work and a part of traditional art technique category. The study is created in 1989, when I was a first grade student at the Academy or Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Drawing studies was a part of a first grade studies program. It was created in a charcoal on natron paper technique, and its dimensions are 150×178 cm.

The objects of the composition were very carefully arranged and they could exist autonomously as an independent art object. When artists arrange the objects for drawing or painting, certain meaning and connotation is always part of the equation. The combinations of objects are specific for the artist as a creator. For this specific object arrangement at the Academy, the object for the future art study was an already completed art object. So, the composition was very special.

The composition of the objects for a students to draw was arranged by my art professor, an extraordinary and respectable Serbian conceptual artist Stevan Knezevic. He was well known for his performances, ready-made objects, installations, drawings, sculptures, prints…

And after the object composition was organized, with extremely high awareness and artistic excellence, I had no other choice but to implement the most serious approach and the total amount of my intuition to my future creation.

Still Life


Still Life by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Still Life, charcoal on natron paper drawing, 1989, 150/178 cm

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I created the study, and re-created energies, relations, meanings and connotations of the ready-made object arranged into the composition. During the process I didn’t analyze anything of above, and I will not do it now. It is impossible for the creator to de-compose the art work because the work was not created simply by rationally combining certain elements.

I used my usual method for creating studies which consists if applying the crocquis drawing approach to the study drawing. It means that I catch all the important parts of the artistic situation in front of me and inside me instantly. Then I draw the situation very fast, and this drawing is like a kind of transparent layer. Then, next situation is another layer drawn on the top of the previous one, and so on. My studies consist of a huge number of these so-called layers because this is the way in which I follow my intuition.

I also can’t see another way but to recommend you to trust your intuition and dive into this Still Life.

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