Kryptonite Overdose

Kryptonite Overdose belongs to my new media art category of artworks.

It is not only multimedia, but also multidisciplinary artwork.

Besides new media art category, I also create art work using traditional art techniques, such as: oil on canvas, acrylic or watercolor paintings, drawings. But I also use digital art, digital prints, and computer animation and so on.


This is the art work which will obviously become an element of my long term artistic projects group.

What does it mean?

Well, this is indication that this art work will not be exhibited only and exclusively at the typical art gallery or similar exhibiting space. No, it will be omnipresent. It would consist of some elements that I usually use while approaching some artistic themes through various artistic media.

So, this artistic idea will be explored and manifested in a form of paintings, drawings, computer animation, prints, video, art talks, and light installations performances and so on.

I again claim that my art work is never interrupted by anything. As art work, I define anything I observe and encounter every moment of my existence. I am artist all the time, I don’t pause it. Everything inspires and delights me; I turn everything into the work of art.

Kryptonite Overdose by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom

A blessing in disguise

Interestingly this artwork was directly inspired and initiated with another artwork. Or, more accurately, it was triggered by recent awkward and obscure cancelling of this other artwork.


Obviously the notorious and obscure, disgusting cancellation of Liquid Sky was that trigger and accelerator of the Kryptonite Overdose birth.

Childhood and upbringing of this long term art project is of course provided by care and love of me, its authoress.

But its development, evolution and excellence is unintentionally granted by shallow, envious, obscure people and structures who accompanied the life of the Liquid Sky as well as my other art projects. Luckily for me, and unfortunately for them, they are actually an excellent compost which enriches the soil where my art blossoms. And, yes it is true, like any compost, they smell like hell, this is the characteristic of their role: disgusting odor.

Adolescence and mature life of Kryptonite Overdose

So we can see that this artistic creation can expect an abundant journey. As everything on this plane, it is born through contrast.

Kryptonite Overdose by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom


It is useless and absurd to complain when experience contrast, for it is not pleasant.

But, can we deal with contrast? Are there any techniques which can guard us from contrast’s unpleasant unlikable appearances? Can we use some spiritual techniques or methods to conquer this ugly and unfair tormentor?

We were very lucky because there are no sedatives and sedative techniques to remove contrast from our experience for good. Still, they can be of assistance, but only temporarily, because, it is much wiser and pragmatic to, sooner or later, directly confront the so called evil.


Which is the best option to directly confront and conquer this evil?

The best, and fortunately the only way is not to resist it, but to completely accept it, or even better, to be grateful for the circumstances.  When you are really, truly, wholeheartedly grateful for everything which comes your way, then, there is no evil anymore. Everything is bliss.


And this is why we exist here on this plane. Don’t react automatically, just stop, think, and realize how everything is perfect. Easy? Not so much. Lol. Because this is what we are practicing here for eons: not to identify with drama. On the other hand, it is fun, funny game.

Art is bliss

And, always being aware of what I just said is even more funny when expressed via art work and its visual forms, like: paintings, oils, acrylics, watercolors, then drawings, digital art, digital prints, computer animation and so on…and maybe some newly invented artistic forms of Kryptonite Overdose.

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