Liquid Sky

LIQUID SKY is the art project which belongs to the installation art category.

It is another long term art project which I am developing for some time. It consists of some new media art works, such as digital print, digital animation, but also light art installation, light performance, art performance, artist action and so on.  I will create some artworks in traditional art techniques about the same theme, like oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, drawings. Stay tuned.

Once This Art Light Performance Was Cancelled! Believe It Or Not!

LIQUID SKY, one-night light performance and installation was supposed to be opened as my exhibition on June 17th 2015 at the renowned public institution SKC in Belgrade, Serbia. And two days before the opening, completely out of the blue, for unclear reasons, a technician (outside SKC) refused to install the laser show. The institution (SKC) and I had to cancel this much anticipated event. Is it possible only in Serbia? How the art world in civilized countries would react and respond to this?


The light installation is installed in two horizontal levels, which are moving slowly horizontally (up and down) for several inches.  They are also constantly altering colors creating the illusion or impression of clouds which are slowly flowing…visitors are immersed in clouds…this is why the title of the artwork is this…and this is also the laser show effect’s name…

How exactly does it look like in a form of an light performance?

This artwork is actually three dimensional, some kind of sculpture or a mise-en-scène, or computer game, theater play, a compound of light and air…also animated by the motion of visitors immersed in it.

How you can became an integral part of the art installation, or artwork?

Obviously, important part of light installation are the visitors, non-professional actors, which spontaneously, without premeditation and rehearsing enter the installation, the artwork…they are walking around the space, walking on the clouds, or across the sky, heaven…they interact with the artwork…from time to time, the author of the artwork joins the visitors and walks around the space while the artwork is occurring.

So, step into the light, merge with it, play, observe, jump or perform whatever you like…Easy, isn’t it?

What happens to this art work after the light performance officially ends?

Of course, it continues to live, to grow, to evolve, and to expand.

Photo and video documentation of the artistic action is the important segment of the artwork and it provides its further development as video art, photography, cinematography, live performance, art activism, social- networks’ performance, like on Facebook, and so on…

If I want to “follow” this artwork, is there anything I can do?

Sure. If you’d like to get all updates about this  art project, either keep in touch via free newsletter, or come back here to see what’s new.  See where this long term concept goes, see its path, check out what is going on with LIQUID SKY.

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