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Images and information at digital prints gallery will give you more details about this segment of my art work which is also available for sale. Artworks are not reproductions of some of my other works. They are original prints and they are signed by me, the author.

New media art works would look very refined in contemporary interiors which are decorated in modern style. They can be nice visual accents of clean and sophisticated design of modern homes, offices, public halls or other similar spaces.

In modern world technology is something we are used to. We can not imagine our everyday life without using many different devices. I was not surprised to see very young children, of age of two, to be much more familiar to i-pod then to a picture-book. They were shaking the book (like some device) to see what’s wrong with it and why it was not working properly 🙂

I am very happy to use the advantage of technology and express my emotions and artistic soul by it. For example, it is so fantastic that I have computer and internet and I can present my artworks, not only ones made in traditional art techniques, but also art work created by modern technology.

Technical details

For printing high quality paper is used.

Paper size:

– 32,0 / 48,7 cm

– 50,0 / 70,0 cm

– 70,0 / 100,0 cm

Prints are carefully packed in tubes for mailing (or transportation) to be safe and protected from damage.

The costs of transport and customs are separately calculated and are an addition to the original price of the print.

Prints are mailed by DHL or FEDEX all around the world.

Printed artworks are not decorative framed. They have to be framed under glass and there is too much risk in transportation of such delicate items.

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More details

You are welcome to ask me: about prices, transportation, customs expenses, payment instructions, expected delivery time etc.

I hope that you liked this page and you’d com again soon to check out what’s new at my Digital Prints Gallery!

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