Computer Drawings

Computer drawings are a variation of my art work. It is a new media digital art technique, and I use it along with the traditional art techniques.

I am absolutely sure that this technique is capable to express artist’s soul and deepest emotions.

My playful nature is happy to be expressed quickly. This art technique is an adequate way to assist me in this attempt.

Why is that? Because when I use my computer graphic pen and tablet, I have to remain very alert for this media is very touchy and sensitive. You need to be very skillful, a master in classical and traditional drawing to handle and control this delicate media.

It is not only the process of creation that I enjoy. I also cherish the instruments of production. Method and device becomes some sort of art performance, another inspiring playground. There are never too many playgrounds in art.

I feel that digital drawings and computer technology are natural medium for my artistic approach. They combine some aspects that are the main directions of my creative process, like fluent, uninterrupted creative flow, rapid creative execution, non-linear concept.

It is phenomenal to use layers that exist in computer graphics because it is comparable to simultaneous existence of eternal invisible potential of space-time visible reality. It is important to highlight the dimension which is of most importance for me: I feel that computer technology has the attributes of a soul and emotions. More precisely, when it is used to channelize those conditions of the artists’ hearts the device attains those qualities. A great number of my digital drawings represent this artistic philosophy.

In this new media art computer technique I can mix endless number of shapes, colors, lightning effects, special effects, special filters for computer graphics etc.

One of my favorite methods was to use predefined special brushes with previously generated rendered objects that were “playing a role” of paint. For example, I created drawings using leaves as previously generated objects, already a part of software.

Nasturtium by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic
Nasturtium, ambiance, art installation, 1999

This drawing was an element of more complex work, NASTURTIUM art installation.

Computer Drawings more…

Obviously, I don’t produce paints when I create oil or acrylic paintings, so it is not too awkward to use objects as paints :).

I also used digital drawing in creating digital portraits, by pen and tablet or a mouse.

Fictional characters

There are fictional figures and characters that I created, using mouse or pen and tablet.

Of course, like in many other cases, I always leave open a possibility to re-create in traditional art techniques artworks created as computer drawings.

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