Ball Painting

I painted BALL PAINTING, full title THE BALL IS SMALL, in acrylic on canvas technique while I was in post postmodernist art or postmodernism period.

More About Ball Painting

The theme of the serial was sport terrains, and this particular painting was about a sport requisite, a ball. The theme correlates to a real life battlefields. Unlike other paintings from the serial, which are of monumental size, this one is small.

The ball in this case was a sport requisite. But, our planet is also a ball, and so on. Balls’ size can vary, and one of criteria is the context where we put them.

The painting was created with typical elements of my style at that time. It consisted of symbols of clouds, sky, dog-tooth pattern arranged in some imaginary spaces in the background.

The ball is not always present in my artworks. On this ball, one hemisphere was light, another one was dark. Naturally, this situation is always reversible.

Ball is Small by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
THE BALL IS SMALL, acrylic on canvas, 1998, 23/27 cm


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The painting is not very narrative. You can not find all the details explicitly described on it. One part of the painting is visible, and it is the painting itself. Another part is invisible because the individual impression of the observer continues in his mind. This part consists of some universal archetypes and individual interpretations.

This artwork was exhibited in 1999 at my solo exhibition as a part of a serial under the title ”Yuropean Nightmare (The Ball is Small)” at the Sport Café Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.

The final impression has an intention to be optimistic and cute. The point is to be and stay positive. The size of the painting is small, but the context of a ball is significant. This contrast is also fun and important, and that’s why the title is also an element of a painting THE BALL IS SMALL or BALL PAINTING.

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