Art Workshops

Art workshops can attend art professionals but also people who are not professionally involved in art world.

Be Creative

Workshops are good solution to further expand your artistic practice, and also to taste art work first hand if you are not an art professional. They offer many possibilities.

It is so wonderful idea to invest your time in something inspiring and creative. While creating art, you are immersed in the liberating and empowering flow of energy.

Still Life by Aleksandra Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Still Life Study, charcoal on natron paper drawing, 1989, 150/178 cm


Create, Remain in Perfect State

There are many aspects of your life and even your personal growth that improve by being an active part of creative process, or being an art creator.

FIRSTLY, you can dive deeply in the state of true peace, stillness, calmness and yet staying perfectly alert and aware of the surroundings while residing in the artistic energetic field.

SECONDLY, you can’t escape being truly aware and being fully present in the so called moment of now while performing artistic activities.

So, obviously, you are deeply merged in consciousness and completely awake, isn’t it perfect?

Nude Study by Aleksandra Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Nude Study, charcoal on natron paper drawing, 1989, 144/178 cm



You need to be fully present in the present moment. Otherwise it is not possible to be involved in any kind of artistic creation.

You simply can’t afford to waste your time on peripheral and irrelevant things and details.

You spontaneously unveil the real nature of the present moment and the nature of the object of your observation that you are creating while using artistic techniques, and performing art work.

You create objects of beauty through your paintings, drawings, illustrations…very important contribution to the world.

Spanish Landscape by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic aleksandraartworkcom
Spanish Landscape by Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic

Which Art Techniques are thought at the Art Workshops?

You can learn the following techniques:

–          Drawing: pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel

–          Painting: watercolor painting, oil painting, acrylic painting

–          Illustration by hand and digital illustration


You create still life, nudes, portraits, landscapes…

Rondo aleksandraartworkcom
Rondo, watercolor, 2003, 104,5/75 cm

Workshops’ Duration and Levels

They typically last from just 2 hours to several days.


Levels of Workshops and Age

There are several basic, intermediate and advanced workshops.

Also, there are workshops for schoolchildren, teenagers, students, and mature age participants.



Where, How to apply, to make Offers, Suggestions

They are organized at my art studio and other adequately equipped spaces.

And here you can find updates about actual and ongoing workshops. Or, you can contact me through e-mail and ask, maybe suggest workshop and so on…

Workshops for Art Students and Professionals

This topic is explained in full detail in another page about Specialist Art Workshops.

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